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Danny's AppearancesEdit

Episode 27(Anime), Chapters 64, 316 and 317(manga)

Danny's DescriptionEdit

Danny is around 15-16 years old, and his book owner is a short elderly man by the name of Mr.Goldo. His only spell used in the series is Jioruku and it allows him to comepletely recover from any wound, essentially making him invincible, on top of that, his combat skills rival that of Wonrei.

At the beginning of the episode we see him and Mr.Goldo transporting a expensive statue to a musuem for a job, when they arrive at the museum Mr.Goldo sends Danny to get food, and Danny runs into Gash (who went to see the statue with Umagon to see what the big deal was) and proceeds to fight him, while they are fighting, Mr.Goldo sees the guns the musuem caretakers are holding and realizes they are not the musuem caretakers, but robbers who want to sell the statue on the black market. Eventually Danny and Gash stop fighting due to neither of their book owners being present, and they become friends, so they see Mr.Goldo who has been robbed of the statue and beaten up. They pursue the robbers to the local harbor and engage them, while Gash sends Umagon to go get Kiyomaro. Eventually Kiyomaro shows up whilst Danny and Mr.Goldo were distracting the robbers, and with their combined efforts, they thwart the robbery. Later at the harbor while the group was looking at the statue, meanwhile one of the robbers refused to be arrested without a fight and overtook a semi-truck filled with gasoline. The truck spun out of control and slid on-top of the limo they were sitting in, everyone but Danny (who was holding the truck up after it slid on top) made it out, but Danny's book and the statue were still in the car and Gash was forced to make the decision to save both Danny and the statue by blowing up the truck. Unfortunately, Danny and his book sustained so much damage that he was fading back to the mamodo world. Before he left Mr.Goldo used the spell to make him look presentable.

Danny once again appears in the Clear Note Arc of the manga when Gash's book became golden. Kiyomaro was allowed to use Jioruku to heal Gash's wounds.