Dufort is the Bookreader and Partner of Zeno Bell and is the Main Villian of the series(Zatch Bell/Gash Bell!!). Dufort is a 14 year teenager like Kiyo Takamine but not known if goes to Middle school or not and is always quiet unless reading reading a spell(maybe fears Zeno Bell's Power). Like Koko, Dufort listens to everyting Zeno says and follows all his orders but isn't beinging Controlled. Dufort apperaes to wear a light green shirt and, a white jacket, Black Jacket, and greyish whiteish hair and Blue Jeans. Dufort's  mother sold him to a sceince labortary so they could study his, Awnswer Talky Abilty, after the the research was done Dufort was left in the forest To die until finding Zeno with his spellbook. 

Dufort And ZenoEdit

Dufort first apperaed in Episode 21,(Another Zatch) in Zatch's flashback when he first came to the Human World(Earth) he claims seeing Zeno saying he looks just like him. In the shadows lies Dufort reading Zeno's first Spell, Zaker, then later later erasing Zatch's memories of The Mamodo World. Zeno and Dufort were also seen burning Ropes spellbook because he was new friend of Zatch's.

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