Hyde and Eido as a TeamEdit

Hyde and Eido don't work well together, considering that Hyde is serious and Eido is carefree and happy-go-lucky. But when they do decide to battle, they are formidible opponents. Their tactic is to overpower the enemy and run away, which doesn't do much.


Hyde is serious about becoming mamodo king, but Eido's carefree attitude irritates Hyde to no end. Constantly being used as a tool by Eido, Hyde would much rather be battling Zatch then stealing.


Eido is happy-go-lucky and wishes to use Hyde's powers for his own gain. Eido, at first, seemed only to care for Hyde's powers and not the mamodo but this was proven wrong. Eido also loves girls, constantly using Hyde's wing spells to push up their skirts.


Element: Wind

Alignment: Neutral

Book Color: Blue/Green

Spellbook Burned: Yes, by Unknown

Jikir: Hyde fires a gust of wind

Jikirga: A stronger Jikir that fires in a beam.

Wirudo: Makes a vortex of wind to defend Hyde (video game only).

Wirugu: Makes a tornado (video game only).

Jikiray: Fires blades of wind at the enemy (video game only).

Gigano Jikirga: Summons a giant hawk made out of wind and fires at the enemy (video game only).