Kafk Sunbeam is a German engineer and the owner of Umagon/Ponygon's spellbook. He does not appear until after the battle with Victoreem in the Zofis arc and when he does he ends up being the key factor to winning the battle against Dalmos. He is a very intelligent and determined man and understands Umagon very easily. (Although he never knows his real name) It was revealed that he actually met Umagon before the assault on Zofis' fortress began, but he did not come at first due to Umagon's reluctance to fight. He then arrived and he and Umagon showed amazing teamwork and immediately learned their 2nd spell. Later he moves into Kiyomaro's neighborhood due to a job which conveiniently allowed Umagon to start living with him henceforth. (With a few extra business trips) Before the Faudo arc starts, he goes on a business trip to Hoikkado, in which Umagon follows him. After a little sightseeing after his business is done, he and Umagon end up in the snowy mountains and end up fighting Karudio and Sauzaa. In this fight they barely escape with their lives, but learn their 3rd spell. Then in the Clear Note arc, Dufeaux tells them that Umagon needs to train in Africa and they become even closer and learn their 4th very powerful spell. They then appear to help Gash and Kiyomaro as close as they can get to Clear Note, Unfortunately Umagon began to disintigrate due to using his 4th spell too much so Kafk burned his book to send him to the Mamodo World before he died and would have been unable to come back. Later he is shown to be living with Ellie Chivas when he gets his letter from Umagon. (It is likely they are married)

Voice ActorsEdit

In the Japanese dub he is voiced by Hozumi Gouda and in the English dub he is voiced by Henry Dittman.