Full Name: Kiyomaro Takamine, the other main character of the series, he is the owner of Gash/Zatch's spell book. He is extremely intelligent and was once bullied and shunned because of it. But once Gash arrived on his 14th birthday, he turned his life around and became much kinder. Kiyo also has huge crush on Megumi but he won't admit it even though she already has a clue about it. In order Mr. Takamine, Zatch Bell was giving to Kiyo for his 14th birthday to help Zatch get back to his homeworld and make Kiyo mature a little into a hero. After driving Hyde and Eido off the school grounds, Kiyo was able to clear his heart and help Zatch Bell gain even more spells. 

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Answer Talker/ESP- An ability shared with Dufeaux, this ability allows him to find the answer to any problem he encounters, however; this ability was at first random and uncontrollable, he needed Dufeaux to teach him how to use it properly. (Manga only)

High IQ- As indicated by Gurabu, he has an IQ of 180 going above the minumum level to qualify as a genius, this allows him to think on his feet, and be more fluid. In Manga, Kiyo is able to use the Answer Talk, Ability like Dr. Riddles and Dufort. 

Voice actorsEdit

In the English dub he is voiced by Jason Spisak and the imposter version of him is voiced by Quinton Flynn.