Kiyo Takamine, known as Kiyomaro Takamine in the original version (Takamine Kiyomaro, ), is the partner of Zatch Bell.

Zatch Bell and Kiyo TakamineEdit

Introduction Arc. Edit

Battle for the Mamodo King Arc. Edit

Ancient Mamodo Arc. Edit

Faudo Arc. Edit

Final 10 Mamodo Festival Arc. Edit

Zatch Bell Edit

Spells Edit

  1. Zaker: Lightning bolt comes from his mouth
  2. Rashield: A shield that blocks, electrolizes, and reflects the spell blocked back at the enemy
  3. Jikerdor: Magnetizes the opponent
  4. Bao Zakeruga: A lighting dragon apears from Zatch's mouth and atacks the enemy, and being his strongest spell until he got new spells in chapter 254 and up. this also has different forms
  5. Zakeruga: Zaker but more accurate ,concentrated, and stronger.
  6. Rauzaruk: Lightning bolt strikes down on Zatch and strengthens him
  7. Zaguruzemu: charges anyting or anyone it touches with electricity and can be used to power up spells.
  8. Ganreizu Zaker: Canons appear and fire balls of lightning
  9. Teozaker: Larger, stronger, gigantic version of Zaker
  10. Bao Kuro Disugurugu: Bao's claw appears and Zatch can control it with his hand, as he is still consious.
  11. Maazu Jikerudon: A large Jikerdor-looking spell that vacuums in the enemy and electrocutes them
  12. Unnamed Spell: Spell that was used in chapter 307 unknown name so far( the spell is actually jio renzu zakeruga)
  13. Exceresu Zakeruga: A stronger, arrow-shaped Zakeruga
  14. Jio Renzu Zakeruga: Lightning serpents appear and attack the enemy
  15. Shin Beruwan Bao Zakeruga: An enormous lightning dragon-like demon with multiple heads, and jutting spikes attacks the enemy; Zatch's strongest spell.
  16. Borudo Fours: Zatch and the others put together their power to create a large lightning phoenix (Anime Only)

Books Burned Edit

  • Hyde (Anime Only)
  • Grisor (Anime Only)
  • Cut N' Paste (Anime Only)
  • Reycom
  • Sugino
  • Kolulu
  • Fein
  • Eshros
  • Robnos
  • Maruss
  • Danny
  • Zoboron
  • Zabas
  • Bahking
  • Unnamed Mamodo
  • Laila
  • Koral Q
  • Rein
  • Buzarai
  • Zeno
  • Faudo
  • Jedun
  • Gorm
  • Clear Note
  • Brago
  • Akatsuki (Movie Only)
  • Wiseman (Movie Only)

Trivia Edit