Mamodo(Mamono/ in Japanese) are creature that Come From Another World or said Mamodo World. some call theme Imps, Underlings or Monsters. They are also called Mamodo in English dub(changed from Mamono in Japanese). Mamodo descened upon the face of Earth during the King's Festival every 1000 years when Mamodo King desides their way to fight to become king. Mamodo come in diffrent tactics, Water, Lighting, Fire, Singing, Ice, Gravity, Ghost, Transformation, Ropes, Earth, and Many more. Most male Mamodo eat giant yellow tail fish out of rivers like Zatch Bell And Brago, some eat Candy like ponygon and Kachome. Most Mamodo don't care about becoming king because of their bond with their human partners or either don't Care one bit about it. Male Mamodo like to huge Yellowtail fish raw saying from Brago it makes Mamodo stronger, while females eat regular food in the Mamodo world. Mamodo are very much from humans although most look humaniod form. Mamodo are Stonger, Faster and have better defense than humans. Unlike humans Mamodo have bigger appitites than people and eat even longer. Mamodo are known to have big jaws that allows them to eat fish in a matter of seconds. Mamodo are just like Human Children because in the their world they do the same thing humans do like School, Play in Meadows, and Interacte with one another. Edit

Mamodo Teams

1.Zatch Bell And Kiyo Takamine

2. Tia And Megumi

3.Hyde And Eido

4. Gofur And Renji

5. Reycom And Hosokawa

6. Kolulu And Lori

7. Fein And Sebe

8. Robnos And Ruku

9. Brago And Sherry

10. Ponygon And Sumbeam

11. Eshors And Shin

12. Zofis And Koko

13. Sugino And Haru

14. Fein And Sebe

15. Maruss And Rembrant

16. Danny And Mr. Goldo

17. Kanchome And Parco Folgore

18. Zoboron And Hige

19. Purio And Lupa

20. Pokkerio And Periko

21. Grisor And Dr. Hakase

22. Nya And Shion Hibiki

23. Wonrei And Li-en

24. Vincent Bari And Gustav

25. Yopopo And Djem

26. Kikuropu And British Gentelman

27. Bago And Fredo

28. Rops And Apollo

29. Dufort And Zeno

30. Kido And Dr. Riddles

Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine Edit

Main article: Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine 

Element - Lightning and Thunder  

Alignment - Good  

Spellbook Color - Red and Gold  

Book Burned - None  

Rank in the King Festival: 1st

Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine are the main protagonists of the series. Their element is lighting . Kiyo is a boy genius who was once aloof and unfriendly, his only companion being a ditsy girl named Suzy Mozuno. He learns respect for others on the day his father, a professor working in England, sends him Zatch, an amnesiac particpant in the Mamodo Fight. They soon go on to eliminate many of the fight participants and become among the most successful teams in . Zatch is the son of the enigmatic Mamodo King, who was raised as a low-level Mamodo due to his mysterious hidden power known as "Baō", which the king feared would corrupt his son. He was treated horribly by his stepmother Yuno, and upon arriving on Earth, had his memory wiped by his jealous older brother Zeno. Zatch regained his memories recently, and Kiyo acquired a psychic ability known as "Answer Talker." Zatch's goal is to become a benevolent king who would not force the Mamodo to fight.

Zaker - Attacks with a blast of lightning. (Attack) 

Rashield - Summons a shield in front. Any projectile that hits it will be reflected, damaging the opponent with a combination of their own attack and lightning energy. (Defense) 

Jikerdor - An energy ball that magnetizes an opponent. (Immobilization) 

Bao Zakeruga - Zatch's most powerful attack. It takes the form of a lightning dragon, but changes shape as he gets stronger. (Attack) 

Zakeruga - A concentrated, piercing version of Zaker that travels in a straight line. (Attack)

Rauzaruk - A rainbow-colored lightning bolt hits Zatch and temporarily increases his strength and speed. However, no other spells can be used during this time. (Assist) 

Zagurzem - An attack that charges the target with electricity, amplifying the effect of Zatch's spells. (Assist) 

Baou Kuro Disugurugu (バオウ ・クロウ ・ディスグルグ): Zatch summons an immense clawed hand similar to that of the Bao Zakeruga dragon, and attacks his enemy with it. Zatch uses his hand to control the clawed hand and does not lose consciousness. Manga-only attack,used during Zatch's fight with Zeno,Rodeaux and Jedun. gained in chapter 254. (Attack, manga only) 

Ganreizu Zaker - Six cannons shoot many Zaker balls. 

Teozaker - A stronger version of Zakeruga that is fired from Zatch's hand. 

Maazu Jikerdon - Similar to Jikerdor, but has the ability to deflect enemy attacks. When it comes into contact with the enemy, it pulls them inside and electrocutes them. Manga-only attack. 

Excelles Zakeruga - A great mass of electricity in the form of a gigantic arrow. Manga only attack.

Jio Renzu Zakeruga - A massive dragon that is similar to Baou Zakeruga. This dragon is more snakelike, and has diamonds decorated on its body. The head has four pointed sides sticking from it. It rams the enemy and sends it flying. Manga only attack, used in the fight with Clear Note's final transformation (before being absorbed into his own spell).

Shin Beruwan Baou Zakeruga - Zatch's strongest attack. Summons a colossal lightning dragon with multiple heads, spikes jutting out of its neck, and gigantic claws similar to that of Baou Kurou Disugurugu. The dragon heads proceed to basically devour the target with its humongous fangs, engulfing it with its claws. Although a Shin-level spell, its power perhaps compels to a level of its own. Manga only attack.

Barudo Forusu - Zatch receives power from Tia, Kanchome and Ponygon released as a large lightning phoenix that is simallar to Bao Zakeruga. It must be said by Kiyo, Megumi, Folgore, and Kafk simultaneously. (Attack, movie only)


Hyde and Eido Edit

Ability: Wind  

Alignment - Neutral  

Book Color - Light Blue

Book burned by: Zatch and kiyo 

Hyde and Eido are the first mamodo team Zatch and Kiyo encounter in the anime. Their powers are related to wind. At first, Edio seems to only care about using Hyde's power to steal things unseen (in the Japanese version, he also uses the power to peek at girls panties), which irritates Hyde to no end. They meet Zatch and Kiyo on the rooftop of Mochinoki's high school after Eido decides Suzy will be his girlfriend, but they are easily defeated when Kiyo figures out how to use the spellbook. They return and force a rematch after kidnapping Kiyo's friends, but they are defeated once more, although they manage to escape without getting their book burn. Hyde and Eido were last seen at a Megumi Oumi concert during her first appearance on the series and never again. Hyde is seen among the mamodo assisting Zatch with his final attack on Clear

Jikir: Hyde fires a gust of wind. (Attack)           

Jikirga: A stronger Jikir fired as a beam. (Attack)

Wirudo- makes a vortex of wind to protect hyde (defence\video game only)

Wirugu-makes a tornado(attack\video game only)

Jikiray-makes a lot of wind blades that are fired at the enemy (attack\video game only)

Gigano Jikirga-fires a giant hawk made of wind at the enemy(attack\video game only)


Reycom and Hosokawa Edit

Element - Ice

Alignment - Evil

Spellbook Color:Blue Book

Book burned by: Zatch and Kiyo

Reycom and Hosokawa are the first opponents faced by Zatch and Kiyo in the Mamodo fight. Their element is ice. Hosokawa was a poor maintance man who discovered the mamodo boy in a freezer and discovered the powers of the book. However, he chose to use this power to steal, making him greedy for money and power. To Hosokawa, Mamodo are nothing but tools to be used to get what humans want. Similarly, Reycom believes that Hosokawa is his tool in getting stronger and releasing his own powers. After an attempt to battle and gain Zatch as another weapon in his arsenal, the duo are defeated by the release of the lighting boy's second power spell, Rashield. It is then that Reycom discovers the penalty of the attack the hard way, patting his burning book in vain as he faded back to his world.

Gikor: Reycom shoots ice 

Freezudo: Reycom's breath freezes stuff

Ganzu Gikor: Reycom shoots many icesickles from his mouth (video game only) 

Gishield: Summons an ice shield(video game only) 

Gikor Garudo: A sharp icesickle springs up from beneath the opponent (video game only) 

Lagikor Fang: Summons an ice wolf to attack the opponent from underground(video game only) 

Oruga Gikor: Summons a powerfull twisted icesickle from his palm 

Raja Freezudo: Reycom shoots a large blast of frosty air that freezes anything in its path


Gofure and Renji Edit

Element - Rock Armor

Alignment - Neutral

Spellbook Color - Pale Brown

Booked burn - By Brago and Sherry Belmont

Gofure is a small puppy Mamodo who befriends Zatch after an argument between Kiyo and himself, staying by his side in the midst of a rainstorm. However, his true power and intentions are released when his bookkeeper Renji appears alongside him as the two Mamodo returm to the Takamine residence. Although initially hesitant to fighting Zatch, the issuance of the spell turned Gofure into an obedient assistant. Gofure's main ability is rhe element of rock and an armor that covers him ii rock. The two are easily stopped by the combination of Sherry and Brago, who burn the book off screen after dealing with Zatch and Kiyo themselves.

Doruk - Gives Gofure rock armor and makes him charge forward 

Dorsen - Turns Gofure's tail into rock and shoots spikes at the opponent


Brago and Sherry Belmont Edit

Main article: Brago and Sherry Belmont 

Element - Gravity  

Alignment - Neutral  

Spellbook Color - Black  

King's Festival Rank - 2nd Place  

Book Burned: By Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine  

Brago and Sherry are also main protagonists. Their element is gravity. Little is known of Brago's past apart from that he received special training in the Mamodo world, and as such is arguably the most powerful competitor in the fight. Sherry came from an abusive background in a wealthy French family, raised by a mother who only cared about the family name. One day, she fell into a river trying to kill herself, but was saved and befriended by a poor girl named Koko,and Sherry thus has a vendetta against the evil Zofis, who corrupted Koko.  Brago was initially hostile toward the idea of a human partner, but he eventually discovered that he and Sherry make a powerful team; they have been known to defeat opponents within seconds. When asked what kind of king he wanted to be, responded "strict, but kind." He secured second place in the overall fight. 

Reis - Shoots a gravity bullet. (Attack) 

Gravirei - Crushes the opponent with gravity. (Immobilization) 

Gigano Reis - A large gravity bullet is fired; stronger version of Reis. (Attack) 

Ion Gravirei - Larger version of Gravirei that sweeps away everything in the radius. (Attack)  

Dioga Gravidon - Generates a large gravity ball that destroys whatever it comes in contact with. (Attack)  

Baber Gravidon - A gravitational force similar to Ion Gravirei that can cut through solid objects. (Attack)  

Bidom Gravirei - A stronger version of Ion Gravirei with even greater range. (Immobilization)  

Rior Reis - Two green Reis attacks are launched. (Attack)  

Oruga Reis - Fires a spiraling beam of purple energy. (Attack) 

Diborudo Jii Gravidon - An enormous sphere of gravity. The first time it was seen being used, it destroyed most of a mountain. (Attack) 

Nyuuborutsu Ma Gravirei - A double-layered gravitational sphere, trapping one inside and drawing all objects within a radius towards it through the external sphere. (Attack)  

Nyuuborutsu Shin Gravirei - Enhanced version of Nyuuborutsu Ma Gurabirei; this spell creates a super concentrated ball of gravity around a target. The ball implodes, taking the target with it. (Attack)  

Zangu Mareis - Brago releases a beam that slices through objects causing them to collapse. (Attack)  

Borutsu Gravirei - A small sphere is released with a massive gravitational pull, dragging everything to it within a large radius. (Immobilization)  

Amu Guranaguru - Brago's arms are enhanced with gravitational force, allowing for a combination of physical attack and increased gravitational pull downwards from anyone hit. (Assist)  

Berudo Gravirei - Brago waves his hand, creating a beam that deflects attacks while crushing any area under it with intense gravity. (Defense)  

Digou Graviruk - Brago's body is enhanced with a gravity-charged aura that can be fired. (Assist)  

Kueaborutsu Gravirei - Multiple black walls emerge behind the opponent, that slow the enemy's attack to a near stand-still. (Defense)  

Shin Baber Gravidon - A more powerful and restrictive version of Baber Gravidon and Brago's strongest spell. (Attack)  

Gravidon - A ball of gravity that draws anything near it and explodes on contact.(video game only) 


Sugino and Haru Edit

Element - Plant  

Alignment - Neutral 

Book color: Green  

Book burned by: Zatch and Kiyo

Sugino and Haru are an early team encountered by Zatch and Kiyo at a nature conservatory in Mochinoki. Their abilities are the manipulation of plants. Believing that strategy and tactics are the key to winning in battle, they meticulously plot out their circumstances before moving. Using this, they take all of the people at the conservatory hostage with their spells, forcing Kiyo and Zatch to start using tactics of their own to take them out. Sugino also appears to know Zatch from the Mamodo world.

Juron: Sugino makes vines appear 

Raja Jugaro: Sugino creates a giant flower that launches giant seeds 

Barjuron-makes a tree warrior to attack or defend (attack\defence\video game only) 

Ganzu Jugaro-shoots many seeds from a flower (attck\video game only) 

Jugaro-a flower shoots 3 seeds at the opponent (attack\video game only) 

Dio Jugaro-a giant flower releases a poison to attack the enemy (attack\video game only)


Kolulu and Lori Edit

Element - Claws 

Alignment - Good  

Spellbook Color - Pink  

Book Burned - By Zatch Bell & Kiyo Takamine (at her request)

Kolulu and Lori are one of the most influential and important teams in the tournament due to their sacrifice and their influence of Zatch's reason for battle. Their ability is a claw and fist influenced transformation style. Kolulu is a kind Mamodo girl who was one of the last children to find her partners. Her partner, Lori, discovers her alone on a rainy night around Mochinoki and takes her in and immediately makes her family, trying to make herself a more caring, nurturing mother compared to the lack of attention she received from her own family. She is also one of the first Mamodo to immediately know of Zatch from her time in the Mamodo World. However, their good times end when Lori discovers Kolulu's book, reciting a spell that transforms her into a nightmarish alternate personality that only cares about and winning the tournament, programmed into her since she never normally would want to fight. After Zatch is forced to fight against her bad personality, she voluntarily chooses to go back to the Mamodo World to stop herself from hurting any more people. Her final words, about the desires for a kind, generous king that would stop the battles the Mamodo are forced to do, become the pillar for Zatch's reasons in the tournament for the remainder of the series. Kolulu returns to help Gash in his battle against Clear Note, offering him use of a "passive spell" that she previously had no use of.

Zeruk - Transforms kolulu into a fierce fighter and gives her sharp claws

Zerusen - Kolulu's hands are fired like rockets

Zerurudo:Makes her float and evade attacks (video game only)

Jio Ra Zerudo:She puts her hands in the ground and they come up and hit the mamodo (video game only)

Zerarusen:Her nails fire at the opponent (video game only)

Raja Zerusen:Stronger form of Zerusen (video game only)

Shin Raifojio - Casts an aura on both a mamodo and human, protecting them from any harmful effects. (Assist)


Fein and Sebé Edit

Element - Speed/Wind

Alignment - Neutral/Evil

Spellbook Color - Light Purple

Book Burned - By Zatch Bell and Kyio Takamine

Fein and Sebé are another of the early teams. Little is known about them, but their element is wind and speed and they are very sadistic. Having heard of Zatch's success, they come to Mockinoki to defeat him. They engage Zatch and Kiyo at a condemned building, and initially dominate then due to Fein's super-speed abilities thanks to his spell Uruk. Zatch defeats Fein when he manages to unlock his third spell, Jikerdor, which magnetizes Fein to a nearby billboard (a water tower in the anime), holding him in place while Zatch burns his book.

Wigar - Fires a shockwave made of air 

Yuruk - Gives Fein super speed 

Oru Wigar - Fires an arrow shaped wind that zig zags left to right (video game only) 

Wishield - Creates a cyclone shield fired from Fein's mouth (video game only)

Garuyuruk - Fein rams into opponent at high speed (video game only) 

Gigano Wigaruga - Creates a giant tornado that falls on opponents and sucks them up (video game only)


Eshros and Shin Edit

Element - Earth

Alignment - Evil (Eshros only)

Spellbook Color - Ochre

Book Burned - By Zatch Bell & Kiyo Takamine

Eshros and Shin are one of the early teams. Their element is Earth. Shin was a shy boy who was picked on as a child, and Eshros is a manipulative Mamodo who twists advice given to Shin by his late mother to convince Shin to destroy the places where Shin was bullied. Eshros claims to be an "elite"; one of the strongest in the tournament, and backs it up by having eight spells to Zatch's three when they fought. This claim is debatable, however, as Eshros seems to have gained these spells exclusively by destroying buildings. Shin befriends Zatch and Kiyo, but Eshros forces them to fight. Eshros also displays a slight transformation when he fights. The battle ends in a defeat for Zatch, but Shin, realizing that Zatch and Kiyo share a bond that he and Eshros do not, agrees to burn Eshros's book.

Grandsen - Creates cannons made of earth that shoot rocks at the opponent 

Groundam - Creates walls of earth to crush the opponent from both sides 

Claydo - Traps the opponent in mud 

Clayshield - Creates a shield made of earth 

Grandbao - Creates a shockwave underground, causing the earth to explode around Eshros 

Groundgarudo - Earth spikes attack from below :Grancrag - Shatters the ground around Eshros into chunks of earth 

Groundbai - Summons a huge snake made of boulders


Kanchomé and Parco Folgore Edit

Main article: Kanchomé and Parco Folgore

Element - Transformation/Illusion

Alignment - Good

Spellbook Color - Yellow

King's Festival Rank - 7th

Place Book Burned - By Clear Note & Vino

Kanchomé and Parco Folgore are the main comic relief duo of Zatch's allies. Their spells are all Illusion and Transformation based. Kanchomé arrives as a weak, cowardly Mamodo who knew of Zatch in the Mamodo World and believed him to be an easy target to eliminate. However the easy bonding of Zatch and Kiyo made this initial hunch fall apart, both due to Zatch's own growth as well as Kanchomé's seemingly useless abilities. His only pride was in being the Mamodo of the great Italian idol, known for his trademark of being "Invincible Folgore". (outside his own attributes of being a womanizer and having an infamous song about such actions) Yet Folgore refused to tell his Mamodo about the truth of his own past, being a former cruel man who only wanted to be strong and who was even abandoned by his own parents, choosing only to play up his more jovial strengths. As the tournament goes on, Kanchomé slowly discovers the strengths he held, both of his own spell abilities as well as discovering new spells that allowed him to discover the means to be strong. By the King Festival, Kanchomé finally appeared to find the ultimate means to be strong, awakening the potential of his illusion abilities through his ultimate spell, Shin Poruku. However, while using this spell against the Mamodo Goomu, he nearly goes too far and becomes strong to the point of causing his opponents to have a mental breakdown and forcing even Folgore to restrain him. Yet even as he finally discovers the true meaning of being strong, Kanchomé was soon eliminated from the tournament in a sacrificial move by Folgore to protect him from the evil Clear Note.

Poruk - Transforms Kanchome, but does not give him any special abilities. 

Koporuk - Makes Kanchome small and weaker than usual. 

Dika Poruk - Creates the illusion of a gigantic Kanchomé; the real Kanchomé is his original size and strength. Whenever enemy spells hit the illusory giant, it actually just passes right through it, but clouds of smoke emerge from the hit spot, causing it to seem as though the spell connected but had no effect on "Kanchomé." Like Poruku, this spell manages to fool opponents for as long as required, especially because of the illusory Kanchomé's seeming invulnerability. (Assist) 

Dima Buruk - Spell which creates numerous strengthened copies of Kanchomé. They each have about the same strength as a Rauzaruk-supported Zatch. (Attack) 

Gaporuk - Transforms Kanchome, giving him the power and abilities of whatever he becomes. (Transformation/Video-Game Only) 

Fou Supuporuk - Kanchomé clasps his hands together with his index fingers extended and a glow is emitted from his hands. Using this spell, Kanchomé can fool his opponent into believing their attack has failed causing them to cancel the spell. (Defense) 

Miriararu Poruk - Kanchomé creates an attack that fools his opponent into believing he's using one of their spells against them. Since the opponent believes they are seeing their own attack being sent at them, their brains are fooled into inflicting damage to their own bodies equal to the damage the real attack would cause. This spell can only mimic spells Kanchomé has already seen and can only be used against the mamodo who uses that spell. (Assist/Attack) :

Shin Poruk - Kanchomé traps his opponents in an illusionary world where he can completely control their hearts and minds into believing anything he wants. This control is so complete that even if the opponent knows it's an illusion they can't break free from it. (Assist)


Tia and Megumi Oumi Edit

Main article: Tia and Megumi Oumi 

Element - Shields/Energy Boomerangs 

Alignment - Good  

Spellbook Color - Scarlet  

King' s Festival Rank - 5th Place  

Book Burned - By Clear Note & Vino

Tia and Megumi Oumi are two of Zatch and Kiyo's closest friends and allies during the Mamodo tournament. Their specialty is both shields and somewhat weak energy boomerang attacks. Tia originally was a bully of Zatch's in the Mamodo World, picking on him for fun while spending her time with her friend, Maruss. But when they all came to the human world, Maruss' obsession with the Mamodo Fight made him throw Tia overboard off his bookkeeper's ship, where she is found by Megumi, a famous Japanese pop idol, while shooting a music video. Although Megumi and Tia share a special bond in being sisterly and caring towards one another, Tia spends more time with Zatch while her bookkeeper is away on business, both having fun and showing growing personal feelings towards him. While Tia's spells are never as strong offensively, her combination of healing and shield spells make her an invaluable ally as the Mamodo battles go on. In the end, she sacrifices herself and her book while using her shields to protect Zatch and Kiyo during an assault from the Shin Kuria Seunousu Zarefedoora spell of Clear Note. She soon returns during the battle against Clear Note by offering use of her new spell "Shin Saifogio"

Saisu - Fires a scarlet boomerang that explodes 

Seoshi - Makes a huge, protective, shield dome around Tia and Megumi 

Ma Seshield - Makes a huge round, pink and gold shield with a winged fan in the center to repel attacks 

Giga La Seoshi - Circular barrier that traps opponents and deflects their attacks back at them.(Immobilization) 

Saifogeo - Spell that creates a floating sword which heals a human or mamodo when struck by it. This is a trump card in battle and is often used to heal Tia's teammates. (Assist) 

Gigano Saisu - A more powerful version of Saisu consisting of a heart in the middle of two large wing blades. (Attack/Video-Game Only) 

Chaajiru Saifodon - Conditional spell similar to Saifogeo in appearance which is powered by Tia's anger. Any bitter experiences are played back via a mirror of the goddess-like figure's chest and the power builds with each image. The appearance of the goddess becomes more demonic as well, and once the spell is ready Tia launches it at the opponent. (Attack) 

Chaajiru Seshirudon - One of Tia's most powerful defense spells which summons three goddesses. It's a conditional spell which works much like Chajiru Saifodon, but is powered by Tia's determination to protect her friends. (Defense) 

Rima Chaajiru Seshirudon - Tia controls two enormous Chaajiru Seshirudon-like shields via a pair of spiritual hands. Tia's strongest defense spell. (Defense) 

Shin Saifogeo - Tia summons four massive Saifogeo spells that completely heal the intended targets and restores their heart energy. (Assist)


Maruss and Rembrant Edit

Element - Metal

Alignment - Evil

Spellbook Color - Dark Grey

Book Burned - By Zatch Bell & Kiyo Takamine(With help by Tia & Megumi)

Maruss and Rembrant are a team who end up pursuing the team of Tia and Megumi early in the Mamodo fight. Their element is metal. Maruss was originally Tia's best friend in the Mamodo World, caring and looking out for her compared to her bullying ways against Zatch. But once in the human world, his mentality changes, believing that friends can no longer be friends due to the nature of fighting and must go against one another to become king. Assaulting Tia in the midst of one of Megumi's concerts, Zatch comes to her rescue by standing up to Maruss until both their bookkeepers arrive to fight the battle against him. Ultimately, it is Zatch, the former "weakling" neither he or Tia cared for, who defeats the prideful Mamodo and forces Tia to change her ways about friendship in the heat of battle.

Garon - Fires a metallic bar covered in spikes 

Ganzu Garon - Fires many spiked metal balls at the opponent 

Ei Garon - A spiked ball on a chain that can attack from underground 

Gigano Garanzu - Creates a huge rotating drill 

Gashield - Maruss summons iron poles with spikes in front of him (Video game only) 

Grai Garon - Fires a giant metal sphere with spikes on it (Video game only) 

Rior Garon - Similar to Garon but Maruss fires two metallic bars with extemely sharp spikes


Robnos and Ruku Edit

Element - Laser

Alignment - Evil

Spellbook Color - Turquoise

Book Burned - By Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine

Robnos and Ruku are a team who lured Zatch into battle under the false claim of having Suzy Mizuno held hostage. Their element is laser. Robnos was one of the Mamodo who bullied Zatch in the Makai, and simply wanted a chance to beat him up again. They fought Zatch and Kiyo in a freezer, using their ricocheting Biraitsu spell to gain the upper hand, until Kiyo discovers all possible paths that the laser could take and avoids it. Robnos then reveals his ability to split in half and recombine via his Rei Buruk spell. Even in this enhanced form, Robnos is defeated when Zatch electrifies the bulge on the back of his head, in which he stores his laser energy, and Kiyo drives a metal pole into it, causing an explosion which consumes Robnos's book. As he disappears, Robnos tells Zatch about a Zatch lookalike that he saw in England.

Biraitsu -Fires a laser that can ricochet off of walls 

Rei Buruk - Splits Robnos in two or fuses the two back together 

Birai - Fires three small laser spheres (video game only) :

Gigano Biraido - Fires a bigger and stronger version of Biraitsu (video game only) 

Ganzu Biraitsu - Fires many laser beams (video game only)

Daibara Biranga - Summons a massive god-like beast with many wings. 


Baltro and Steng Edit

Element - Flowers/Manipulation

Alignment - Evil

Spellbook Color - Dark Green

Book Burned - By Zeon Bell & Dufort

Baltro and Steng are two of the main enemies Zatch and Kiyo face when they take a trip to England to discover more about Zatch. Their abilities is the manipulation of objects by use of a flower attached to the item they wish to control. After a former career as a boxer, Steng used Baltro to create a personal empire in a haunted castle in the British countryside, capturing villagers and servants for himself, including the parents of a British boy and Kiyo's father Professor Takamine. The latter was captured at the request of Zeno, who decided to have him taken care of for saving his brother in the forest. However, after Baltro and Steng are defeated by Zatch, Zeno removes Baltro from the tournament for his failure to dispose of either his brother or the father of his brother's bookkeeper.

Zeberuk - Baltro uses this spell to control whatever objects his flowers are implanted in, as well as to evolve into his armor. (Assist) 

Zeberusen - Baltro fires boulders adorned with flowers from his chest; the spell can only be used if Baltro is in his armor. (Attack)


Zeno Bell and Dufort Edit

Main article: Zeno and Dufort 

Element - Lightning 

Alignment - Evil 

Spellbook Color - Silver 

Book Burned - By Zatch Bell & Kiyo Takamine

Zeno Bell and Dufort are Zatch's main antagonists for a major portion of the Mamodo Fight. Like Zatch, Zeno's ability is the manipulation of lightning. The older of twin brothers of the King and Queen of the Mamodo World, Zeno is forced through a traumatic raising of his own, forcing himself to train for power due to not being born with their father's ultimate ability of Baō. After arriving in the human world, he soon discovers his bookkeeper Dufort in the deadly cold of the Arctic north. Sold by his mother for money, Dufort had spent most of his life up there controlled by a scientist who forced him to develop special psychic abilities (eventually revealed as Answer-Talker) until he was developed enough to escape before the lab self-destructed. Working together as a team, Zeno and Dufort chose to pursue any actions that would either win the tournament or torment his little brother, including stealing his own memory in a forest in England and stealing control of the massive Faudo Tower for both victory and revenge. But by fighting his little brother, Zeno finally understands the turmoil he had been through and goes back to the Mamodo World with no regrets. After Zeno returns, Dufort assists Kiyo's team in preparation for their battle with Clear Note.

Anime: Certain factors regarding both characters are changed in the anime: Dufort is an experimented mental patient when discovered by Zeno, while Zeno remains stubborn towards his brother even in defeat, destroying Faudo's control gem purposely to prevent him from stopping it.

Zaker - Zeno shoots a powerful bolt of lightning from his hand. (Attack)

Zakeruga - A concentrated beam of lightning fired from the palm. (Attack)

Teozaker - The technique which creates a powerful thunderbolt from Zeno's hand. A powered-up version of Zaker. (Attack)

Jauro Zakeruga - Shoots an enormous ring of electricity with many Zakers emenating from it. (Attack)

Barugirudo Zakeruga - Tremendous burst of lightning from above that fries the enemy. (Attack)

Raja Zaker - Creates a shockwave of electricity. Manga-only attack, gained in chapter 263. (Attack)

Sorudo Zakeruga - A huge sword with a blade made of lightning is summoned, which Zeno can hold and use as a physical weapon. (Attack)

Ganreizu Zaker - A multi-turret gun is summoned, allowing for several small blasts of lightning to be thrown out at the same time. (Attack)

Reedo Dirasu Zakeruga - Zeno summons a huge circular object with many blades sticking out like a buzzsaw and is controlled by a small lightning bolt like a yo-yo. He is able to manipulate the electric yo-yo through the string to slice and smash through anything.

Jigadirasu Uruzakeruga: Zeno's strongest spell which summons a massive, winged thunder god. Said entity fires five thunderbolts from the holes/cannons on its body which merge into one tremendous Zakeruga blast. (Attack)

Rashield - Summons a shield in front. Any projectile that hits it will be reflected, damaging the opponent with a combination of their own attack and lightning energy. (video game only)

Jikerdor - An energy ball that magnetizes an opponent. (video game only)

Rauzaruk - A blue lightning bolt hits Zeno and temporarily increases his strength and speed. However, no other spells can be used during this time. (video game only)Zeo Zakeruga: Zeno fires an electric white dragon from his hand that looks just like Bao Zakeruga (video game only)


Yopopo and Djem Edit

Element - Music

Alignment - Good

Spellbook Color - Green

Booked Burned - By Kikuropu and British Gentleman and Djemare a team Zatch and Kiyo encounter during their British adventures. Their abilities are the usage of music. After discovering Yopopo, Djem decides to adopt him as a little brother of her own. However, she soon gets sick of him due to his inability to speak Earth language (talking through his own name over and over or singing a pattern) and his desire to take part in the Mamodo fight, which Djem wanted to avoid at all costs. With his bookkeeper avoiding him, Yopopo spent most his time alone, singing and dancing in preparation for battle. Everything comes to a head when Kikuropu comes to eliminate him, forcing Yopopo to fight him by himself and nearly getting crushed. After seeing him nearly getting defeated by another Mamodo, Djem finally comes to his rescue, defeating Kikuropu but getting her book destroyed in the process. As Yopopo fades away, he finally recites Djem's name, the first word other than his own name he ever says.

Miker - Emits a ray of musical energy and causes an explosion. (Attack)

Doremikeru - On Yopopo's chest, a musical note appears and he begins to fire musical note beams. (Attack)

Shin Yopopoi Topopoi Supopopoi - Controls the movements of the enemy through song and dance. (Assist/Attack)


Kikuropu and British Gentleman Edit

Element - Body Molding

Alignment - Evil

Spellbook Color - Purple

Book Burned - By Yopopo and Jem is a Mamodo fighting alongside a so-called English Gentleman. His main attack style is body molding, combined with a special rock-armor covering his entire body. (and a paper mask over his one-eye to prevent anyone from seeing he is a true cyclops). The gentleman discovered fellow Brit Djem and her partner Yopopo and attempt to make them fight her for their own battle desires. However because Djem had left Yopopo's book behind at school, he instead takes his attack out on Djem's family and continues to threaten them until Yopopo battles them. Yopopo chooses eventually to battle Kikuropu by himself, but was unable to harm him until Djem (and likewise Zatch and Kiyo) finally join the battle. The monster Mamodo is eliminated by the two opponents: Zatch destroying the rock armor with his first usage of Bao Zakeruga and Yopopo's Doremikeru spell finishing the job.

Amuruk - The mamodo punches using his huge armored fist. (Attack)Amu Shizaruk - Creates big lobster-claw like scissors to crush the enemy. (Attack)

Amursen - He can fire stone spikes from his elbow joints. (Attack)

Emron - This spell causes Kikoropu's fists to burn, his arms to stretch and pound the enemy. (Attack)

Jibor Emrodon - Kikuropu fires numerous stone spikes from his body


Ponygon (Schneider) and Kafk Sunbeam Edit

Main article: Ponygon and Kafk Sunbeam

Element - Armor

Alignment - Good

Spellbook Color - Light Orange

King's Festival Rank - 4th Place

Book Burned - By Sunbeam (to protect Ponygon from further injury)

Ponygon (also known as Schneider) is Zatch's best and most personal friend throughout the entire Mamodo fight. A small horse Mamodo who acts like a dog and bleats like a sheep, he comes from a long line of horse Mamodo who assist others by letting other Mamodo ride on their back. He and Zatch were best friends even in the Mamodo World, with the boy being the first to ever ride on him in the middle of a crisis and immediately recognizing him when Zatch returns to England. Eventually following Zatch home to Japan, he is regretfully adopted by Kiyo, who immediately can't stand him. Yet at the same time, he also is one of the last Mamodo to not find their partner, desperately wandering the streets when not playing with Zatch to find the one who could read his book, even if he can't stand fighting himself. The one who finally is revealed to be Ponygon's partner is Kafk Sunbeam, an engineer from Germany working on projects in Japan. Through Sunbeam, Ponygon finally finds the resolve and will to fight even if he can't stand going through it. Together, their battle style is armor enhanced by the element of fire and using various battle strategies and maneuvers to best manipulate his battle style. Though mostly an assisting Mamodo during the Milordo-Z and Faudo crisis, he defeated and burn the books of a few mamodo including Dalmos, Zaruchimu and Bari (even though he didn't actually fight him) with his skills and participated in many epic Mamodo battles and survived. Later on he is forced to mature on his own in preparation to fight the evil Clear Note. Literally growing up over ten months time, Ponygon finally proves himself by defeating Clear's Shin Kuria Seonosu Bādo Rerugo spell, but is soon sent back due to the exhaustion of his abilities in the battle.  

Baou Meru Meru Me: Blast of fire shoots from his mouth (Dreams Attack)

Shudoruk - Ponygon gains an armored body and super speed. (Assist)

Go Shudoruk - Ponygon's powered-up form in which he becomes bigger, stronger, and receives new armor. (Assist)

Dioemur Shudoruk - Ponygon receives flame-based armor, which allows him to manipulate fire for offensive and defensive purposes. (Assist/Attack)

Shin Shudoruk - Ponygon receives a massive new armor with flight capabilities and a massive horn.

Shudorudo - A rhombus-shaped shield appears to protect Kafk. (Defense/Video-Game Only)

Shudorusen - Three angular missiles are fired. (Attack/Video-Game Only)

Megar Shudoruk - A flaming star fires plumes of lava around the area. (Attack/Video-Game Only)

Geo La Shudoruk - A large horn erupts from the ground under the enemy. (Assist/Video-Game Only)

Gigano Shudoruk - Armored Ponygon and Kafk are enveloped in light and Ponygon attacks with great force. (Assist/Video-Game Only)


Zofis and Koko Edit

Main article: Zofis and Koko

Element - Fire / Explosions/Mind Control 

Alignment - Evil 

Spellbook Color - Red Violet 

Book Burned - By Brago & Sherry Belmont

Zofis and Koko are the main antagonists of the Milordo-Z arc of the series as well as Sherry and Brago's main rivals in the tournament. Their main ability is explosions, although Zofis also specializes in mind control. Born to a poor family in France, Koko befriended Sherry at a young age after saving her from suicide in a river. The duo assisted each other, with Koko striving to succeed to escape from her poverty and Sherry helping her do so. However, deep within she had her regrets about Sherry and her wealth, creating a deep jealousy she never showed outward to her. All this changed when Zofis arrived from the Mamodo World, taking Koko as her partner and immediately brainwashing her darker fears both to create an obedient partner and forcing the two friends against each other. Unlike most Mamodo, who chose to fight for themselves, Zofis chose to take his own advantage of the petrification of over forty Mamodo from a thousand years ago, releasing them as his own obedient servants and brainwashing descendants of their original bookkeepers to fight for him. Declaring himself as "Milordo-Z" ("Lord" in the Japanese version), he used these Mamodo in a plan eliminate all of the modern Mamodo, thus freeing him to be king. However, several other Mamodo, including a team organized by Dr. Riddles as well as Sherry and Brago, ruined it by storming through his compound and eliminating nearly all of the Ancient Mamodo themselves. Sherry finally breaks Zofis' hold over her friend before Brago finally finishes him off, forcing him to never forget his humiliation as he's being sent back.

Radom - Shoots a kinetic fire ball from Zofis' hand. (Attack)

Gigarado Shield - A flaming shield appears before Zofis. (Defense)

Rond Radom - An energy whip that explodes on contact. (Attack)

Teoradom - A faster and bigger version of Radom. (Attack)

Gigano Radom - A bigger and more powerful version of Radom. (Attack)

Oruga Radom - Sends a spinning blast of purple energy out of Zofis' hand. (Attack)

Gigan Teoradom - Multiple Gigano Radom spells are fired at once from Zofis' hand . (Attack)

Dioga Teoradom - Zofis's strongest attack spell where he creates a massive kinetic fire ball and sends it at the opponent. (Attack)


Pokkeiro and Periko Edit

Element - Plants 

Alignment - Neutral 

Spellbook Color - Brown 

Book Burned - by Brago and Sherry

A Mamodo team from Brazil, Pokkeiro and Periko fight Sherry and Brago in the midst of the Amazon jungle. They hoped to use their powers to become rich. Their abilities involve the manipulation of trees. They try to confound Brago and Sherry by surrounding them in foliage, but Brago's fourth spell, Ion Gravirei, irons the foliage flat and exposes Pokkeiro and Periko. Brago then takes their book.

Juron - An attack that can manipulate the roots of plants to attack the enemy

Barjuron - Summons tree warriors to attack or defend

Juruk - Surrounds themselves in an area of plants


Rops and Apollo Edit

Element - Chains and Ropes 

Alignment - Good 

Spellbook Color - Cerulean Blue 

Book Burned - By Zeno Bell & Dufort

Rops and Apollo are an enigmatic early opponent in the fight for Mamodo King. Their ability is the manipulation of ropes. Born the heir to an American business company, Apollo initially chose to ignore his duties and instead travel the world, going wherever the wind takes him. Encountering the ladybug-like Mamodo along the way, the two became best buddies and traveling partners. Although Apollo hated fighting, he would still use Rops abilities and his own physical and instinctual skills when faced with another Mamodo who wanted to face them for the kingship. When their journey take them to Japan, they easily befriend Kiyo and Zatch, yet themselves learn about the continued need to fight, including Rops own dream of becoming Mamodo king. Yet the journey would come to a tragic end in Holland, where Rops is cruely sent back by Zeno merely for encountering his twin brother. After Rops return, Apollo returned home to run his company, yet still provided the money and support to assist Kiyo and Zatch to prevent anyone evil from reaching the kingship

Rigron - Fires ropes with hooks at the end from the hands

Dino Rigron - Anchors shoot from Rops's hands

Rigrosen - Rops shoots ropes that are attached to spikes from his hands

Rignon - Fires ropes with hooks on them to throw the enemy (assist\video game only)

Gigano Rigrosen - Rops fires ropes with enormous blades at the end


Danny and Mr. Goldo Edit

Element - Self Recovery

Alignment - Good

Spellbook Color - Purple

Book Burned - By Zatch Bell and Kiyo (Unintentional)

Danny and Mr. Goldo are a team who appear similar to father and son as well as business partners. As much as Danny cares about his bookkeeper, he really can't stand the fatherly way he is treated, particularly with the consistent nickname of Danny-Boy. (due to still being immature in his attitude) The duo come to Japan as the guardians of the Shemila Statue, a precious piece of artwork nearly stolen by criminals under their watch. Yet while Danny possesses the natural physical strength of a Mamodo and fighting ability, his only spell is a self-healing one that allows him to keep fighting even after getting hurt. After he and Zatch finally get the statue back, an accident forces Danny to protect the statue from getting crushed, yet at the same time forces him to make Zatch use his abilities to destroy the object at the cost of getting his book burned. This action forces Goldo to finally accept Danny's maturity as he is sent back. Danny reappears towards the end of the Clear Note arc, offering Zatch the use of his Jioruk healing spell. He is the first mamodo to appear when Zatch's book turns gold.

Jioruk - Completely heals Danny


Purio and Lupa Edit

Main article: Purio and Lupa

Element - Saliva 

Alignment - Neutral/Evil (They side with whomever) 

Spellbook Color - Lt. Turquoise 

Book Burned - by Clear Note and Vino 

Rank in King Festival: 8th

Purio and Lupa are one of the most cowardly and lucky teams fighting in the Mamodo fight. Their abilities are a combination of stat-changing liquid agents and acid. An arrogant, bratty Mamodo in princely clothes, Purio gets what he wants at the cost of the motherly nature of his bookkeeper Lupa, who treats him like her own dead son yet reprimands him for being a bad boy. Realizing their own weakness and cowardice early on, Purio and Lupa are forced to team up with other, stronger Mamodo to keep them in the tournament, including an early team-up with Zoboron and Hige and later joining with Rodeaux and Chita while becoming unexpected members of the Faudo cult. After unintentionally making it to the King Festival, Lupa decided to exploit Purio into a child star to create a shelter to survive for the remainder of the Mamodo Fight. But while using Folgore and Kanchomé's assistance, they unexpectedly get involved in the plot of Mamodo willing to destroy everything, first nearly getting crushed by Goomu and ultimately leading Purio as well as Kanchomé to be sent back due to the cruel actions of Clear Note. In the Japanese version, Lupa calls Purio by the pet name "Papi", which irritates Purio.

Dareido - Spits glue at the enemy

Poreido - Spits a paralyzing substance at the enemy

Mokerudo - Breathes out a smokescreen

Joboido - Spits acid

Gigano Joboido - Powered-up version of Joboido

Nuredio - Spits oil

Mosureido - Spits an itching powder

Amireido - Spits out an impenetrable green net

Dioga Joiboido - Powered-up Gigano Joboido


Zoboron and Hige Edit

Element - Explosive Orbs

Alignment - Evil

Spellbook Color - Brown

Book Burned - by Zatch Bell and Kiyo (With help from Tia and Megumi) and Hige

Zoboron and Hige are Purio and Lupa's first allies in the battle. Their element is spheres. They first met Purio and Lupa on a snowy mountain, where they began to fight. Eventually, they realized that they could team up, as their powers complemented each other; Zoboron's extremely powerful but extremely slow exploding spheres work best when his opponent is held in place, something Purio can do with his saliva. Both teams ambushed Zatch and Kiyo at an amusement park that they all happened to be attending, and would have likely defeated them if not for the arrival of Tia and Megumi, who help Zatch destroyed Zoboron's book.

Dogurak - Fires an explosive orb that moves slowly

Oru Dogurak - Powered-up Dogurak that can follow the opponent.


Wonrei and Li-en Edit

Main article: Wonrei and Li-en

Element - Martial Arts and Strengthening

Alignment - Good

Spellbook Color - Lt. Purple

Book Burned by: Megumi and Tia (Requested by Li-en to save Wonrei from Poosophagus) (Rodeaux and Chita in the anime)

Wonrei and Li-en are one of the main ally teams. Their abilities center around Martial Arts. Li-en, a young Chinese girl who wanted a boyfriend more than anything, and took to overeating when her father, a Mafia boss named Li-Akron, would not let her see anyone, met Wonrei in a restaurant and was immediately smitten with him. Throughout the series, they have a more romantic relationship with each other than the other Mamodo pairs. Wonrei's martial arts training allowed him to gain a large amount of spells without fighting many Mamodo. When Li-Akron found out about the relationship, he imprisoned Wonrei and the book in his hideout, believing him to be a demon. Zatch and Kiyo help reunite Wonrei and Li-en, and the two return the favor by assisting in the Millennium Arc, even disposing of Demolt and Tsao-Lon, two of the most powerful Ancient Mamodo. During the Faudo Arc, they were forced into the Faudo cult by Riou, who placed a curse on Li-en that will kill her in four days if Wonrei does not help release Faudo. He contributed his most powerful spell, Goraiō Dibauren, to the effort to unlock the tower. After the curse was lifted, he rejoined Zatch's group, but sacrificed his book defending the comatose Kiyo and Li-en from Unko Tin Tin. He later appears as one of the mamodo who assists Zatch when his book turns golden during the battle with Clear Note.

Anime: Wonrei's role in the anime is just about the same until he battles and gets sent back by the winged mamodo Rodeaux to protect Li-en and get Zatch and friends to the next level of Faudo insteaded of the Faudo mamodo Unko Tin Tin.  

Rerudo - Creates a glass-like shield

Redoruk - Strengthens the legs 

Go Boren - Discharges energy from the fist

Ganzu Boren - Fires multiple shots of Go Boren

Go Redoruk - Powered-up Redoruk

Gar Redoruk - Spins at high speeds like a drill

Rao Diboren - Energy takes the form of a huge white tiger

Go Rerudo - A powered-up version of Rerudo

Dio Redoruk - Powered-up Go Redoruk

Rofo Diboren - Summons an enormous tiger paw which slashes at the enemy

Gafo Diboren - A great white tiger slashes with its paw

Go Raio Diboren - Powered-up version of Rao Diboren

Shin Goraio Diboren - A severely powered-up version of Goraio Diboren

Boren - Wonrei punches opponent (video game only)

Borsen: Wonrei fires a blast from his fist (video game only)


Zabas and Galliont Edit

Ability: Flight

Alignment - Evil

Book burned by: Zatch and Kiyo

Zabas and Galliontare a team met by Zatch, Kiyo, and Li-en during their raid on Li-Akron's fortress. Their spells center around Zabas's ability of flight. They tracked down Wonrei while he was imprisoned in the hideout, intending to eliminate Wonrei without a fight. Despite possessing a spell that they could manipulate freely, Wonrei beats Zabas to a pulp and Zatch eliminates him from the tournament by using his fifth spell, Zakeruga.

Garuk - Zabas flies really fast and can ricochet

Oru Wigar: Zabas shoots a blast of wind that he can control


Baransha and Garza Edit

Ability: Stealth

Alignment - Neutral 

Book burned by Various Ancient Mamodo 

Baransha and Garza are a Mamodo team from Kenya. Garza, a hunter, regards the Mamodo battle as a game hunt, and Baransha's abilities of stealth allow him to treat it as such. Luring Zatch and Kiyo to their "hunting ground" using an invitation to a spa, the lightning boy and his partner are ambushed in a forest. Baransha used her invisibility spell, Gu Riaruk, as cover to attack Kiyo unseen. After Kiyo traces their movements using a smell coated on them by foul smelling nuts and Zatch's sharp smelling, the pair are blasted into a nearby river by a Bao Zakeuga. They manage to save their book, but Baransha is soon sent back during the arrival of the Ancient Mamodo. They possess two spells in the manga that are not in the anime but are in the Mamodo Fury video game.

Okeru: Baransha shoots a sonic blast

Doruk: Baransha gains rock armor

Boruk: Creates after image

Gu Riaruk: Baransha turns invisible

Gigano Gadoruk: Baransha gains metallic armor

Okeruga: A more powerful version of Okeru (Video game only)


Bago and Fredo Edit

Ability - Dragon Fire

Alignment - Evil

Spellbook Color - Lt. Orange

Book burned by - Kanchome and Folgore

Bago and Fredoare an evil Mamodo duo from Spain. Their ability is Breath. Bago has an insatiable appetite, kept only in control by stealing livestock for food. When he begins to attack a flock of sheep belonging to Rushka, her new "big brother" Kanchomé (in Spain as member of a circus troupe) attempts and fails to defeat the creature on his own. Yet it isn't until Folgore arrives to help him out that Kanchomé is able to fight against it, awakening his third spell, Dika Poruk and using his giant illusion to wear him down and ultimately defeat him (albeit by throwing his book into a fire he himself started).

Fureido: Bago breathes fire

Rin Fureido: Bago breathes rings of fire

Bareido: Bago shoots spikes from his mouth

Gigano Bireido: Bago shoots a massive fire ray (a greater version of the Fureido spell)


Bari and Gustav Edit

Element - Vortexes

Alignment - Neutral

Spellbook color - Dark Blue

Book burned - By Kieth and Berun (also got book burned at the same time as Bari got his book burned)

Vincent Bari and Gustav are a super-strong rival team of the tournament. Their ability is vortexes. Obsessed with proving his own strength drawn from a long rivalry with Mamodo school classmate Kiees, Bari initially fights one Mamodo opponent after another to eliminate them, yet can never get over his own fighting obsession and goes on without purpose or meaning. Hearing about Zatch from another opponent, Bari heads to Japan hoping to get the battle that he needs to get over this irritation, but causes more trouble by attacking everyone in his way and forcing Zatch to both fight to save others as well as fight this Mamodo warrior. Although Zatch nearly fails against him, his own resolve and feelings to become a kind king finally forces Bari to realize his own dream, to become an undefeated "strong king", giving his bookkeeper relief that Bari may finally be finding his own way. Continuing his own journey, Bari soon faces similar odds against another extremely powerful Mamodo, the dragon Erzadoru. Using his own resolve and feelings, Bari is able to defeat the monsterous opponent but takes massive damage in the process. Soon hearing that Kiees joined the Faudo cult, Bari rushed to the massive tower and stormed inside, hoping to finish his rival once and for all. Using all he learned to become a strong king, Bari finally defeats Kiees by destroying his book. Yet as a final act, his opponent placed a trap keeping Bari locked away from the rest of the team. Believing that Bari has finally learned all he needs to in assistance and strength, Gustav lets Kafk Sunbeam burn his book.

Zonis - A powerful beam Bari fires from his antennas.

Gigano Zonis - A strong and larger verison of Zonis, that Bari can control with his hand.

Garazonis - Bari does a 360 degree spin, creating wind. This spell can drill through just about anything.

Doru Zonis - A drill made of energy that Bari wraps around his hand.

Dioga Zonisudon: Bari fires a super big and strong vortex

Zarushield - A powerful sheild spell. Bari summons a black and yellow shield with two horns on the top. The sheild is so powerful it is able to take Bao Zakuerga and have Bari come out unharmed.

Oru Zonis: A stronger Zonis

Aradomu Go Zonis: Bari creates a whirlpool of energy similar to Gigano Zonis

Amu Ra Zoruk: Bari's hands become incredibly strong and can catch opponent's attacks and throw them back at the enemy

Go Zarushield: A stronger Zarushield

Digaru Doruzonis: A stronger Garazonis

Shin Doruzonis : A powered-up version of Bari's "Doruzonis" spell, but with 2 drills. This was only used by Zatch when Bari appeared as a spirit during the final fight against Clear Note


Donpoccho and Goman Edit

Ability Spikes

Alignment - Neutral

Book Burn - By Bari and Gustav

Donpoccho and Goman are a short-lived Mamodo team from Russia, easily defeated by Bari while telling him of their own desire to fight Zatch and leading him in that direction. The anime reveals their abilities to be based on spikes. Donpoccho and Goman are on top of a tall building in the manga, and their book is burned by Bari's Gigano Zonis spell. In the anime, only Donpoccho is on the building, and gets blown off the top by the spell. His book seems to automatically send him back before he hits the ground, which sparked a popular fan rumor that Mamodo cannot die in the human world, though this was proven wrong by things said during the Faudo arc. Several other ogre-like Mamodo like him are also seen as Mamodo bullies towards the orphan children Ted and Cherish were members of.

Gireido - shoots spikes from belt


Kido and Dr. Riddles Edit

Main article Kido and Dr. Riddles

Ability - Machines 

Alignment - Good

Spellbook Color - Grey

Book burned by: Belgim E.O. and Daila Anje

Kido and Dr. Riddles are a mamodo team that Zatch and Kiyo encounter just before the Ancient Mamodo are released by Zofis. Kido's element is oriented around machines. At first, Dr. Riddles sends his team of American superheroes called the "Majestic 12" and has Kiyo answer a riddle about them. They all leave when Kiyo answers the riddle correctly, but Kido and Dr. Riddles return to battle and reveal to Zatch and Kiyo some of the mysteries of the spellbooks. They seek powerful allies to battle Milordo-Z (whom Dr. Riddles euphemistically refers to as "the evil one" in the Japanese version), and together with those allies they travel to the Deboro Ruins, where Kido's book is burned by Belgim E.O. Dr. Riddles continues to be an ally to Kiyo and his friends, though, conveying information about future threats throughout the series. Dr. Riddles is a former medical doctor who gave up his practice after he failed to save a child during surgery (in the Japanese version, this child is his grandson; in the English version, he is not, presumably due to the illegality of operating on relatives in the United States), and took on Kido because he reminded him of that child. He is very intelligent, and claims to know everything, although he is clearly exaggerating. He enjoys teasing Kido by telling him tall tales and then revealing later that he was "just kidding", eliciting shocked reactions from Kido. After Kido returns to the mamodo world, Dr. Riddles starts doing this with Zatch. Kido appears as a spirit when Zatch and Kiyo's book becomes gold during the Clear Note battle and offers the team use of his spell.

Zegar: A small cannon appears out of Kido's mouth and fires a beam of energy.

Zerusen: Shoots rocket fists at the enemy.

Zeburuk: Kido can detach his upper half from his lower half.

Zegaruga: Powerful beam cannon blast from his mouth.

Ganz Zegar: Kido fires a big metal fist with a pulverizing punch.

Koburuk: Creates tiny, but powerful versions of himself.

Ganzu Zegar: Multiple-gun cannon fired from mouth.

Raja Zerusen: Giant rocket-like fist shot from his arms.

Gigano Zegar: Powered-up version of Zegar, but fired from the chest.

Gikor Ma Zegaruga: A huge metallic goddess is created from Kido's power.

Gikor Shin Zegaruga: A strengthened version of Gikor Ma Zegaruga. This spell is seen in Zatch's golden spellbook, but it's released by Kido.

Zeshield: An arm from the Gikor Ma Zegaruga deity is used as a shield (video game only)


Furigaro and Gerhart Edit

Element - Frost

Alignment - Neutral/Evil

Spellbook Color - Bright Blue

Book Burned - By Brago & Sherry Belmont

Furigaro and Gerhart are a minor team whose element is frost. They make a brief appearance in the anime and manga, in which they seem to have frozen an entire town in Germany with their spells. They are confronted by Brago and Sherry, and although Furigaro manages to mangle Brago's arm with his ultimate spell Lagikor Fang, Brago defeats them by blasting Gerhart at point-blank range with his Gigano Reis spell, instantly obliterating Furigaro's book.

Raja Freezudo - Furigaro freezes the area with his breath 

Scape Gishield - An spherical ice shield forms around Furigaro 

Lagikor Fang - Summons an ice wolf to attack the opponent from underground 

Ganzu Gikor - Furigaro shoots many icesickles from his mouth


Penny and Uri Edit

Ability - Water

Alignment - Neutral (Good turned Evil turned Good)

Spellbook Color - Orange

Book burned by: Demolt and Roberto Vile

Penny and Uri are a major enemy team during the "Milordo-Z" arc of the manga, particularly due to Penny's own feelings towards Zatch. Their ability is water. Proclaiming herself as Zatch's girlfriend, she had been in love with him since discovering him fishing in a private beach in the Mamodo World, ultimately trying any means possible merely to interact with him. Upon arriving in the human world, she made partners with Uri, a poor man trying to get food for his family under one condition: she would help him out in any way possible as long as he helped her find Zatch. Yet when she finally tracks Zatch down to Japan, Penny discovers the hard way about Zatch's lost memories, going absolutely berserk and forcing herself to fight him either to make him remember their (one-sided) love or to eliminate him from the tournament. Zatch proved his strength against Penny, but she is ultimately saved by the stupid actions of Byonko moments before getting blasted by Zatch's Bao Zakeruga, allowing Uri to escape with both of them. After escaping, Penny meets with Byonko's boss, the evil "Milordo-Z" (Zofis) who offers her the chance to help him control the ancient Mamodo and win the tournament. Seeing this as means to get revenge on Zatch, Penny takes the offer and leads a squadron of Ancient Mamodo into battle. But over time, she discovers her new servants lack the free will or abilities to fight for themselves and doubts the decisions she made. When Zatch and his allies appear hopeless fighting Demolt of the Four Surpreme Mamodo, she and Byonko finally turn against their master, with Penny destroying the sustaining Moon Stone assisting the enemy with her So Giaku while getting her book burned. Her final wish while being sent back is for Zatch and the others to forgive and play with them when they return to the Mamodo world.

Akur: Penny shoots a blast of water

Ashield: Penny makes a water shield that absorbs electricity

Aku Supureido: Ashields's absorbed electricity is sent back

Oruda Akuron: Penny makes water whips that absorb electricity

Akur Kiroro: Penny shoots multiple water sickles

Aku Rouk: Penny gains water claws

So Giaku: Penny makes a water dragon

Akurga: Penny shoots a water beam that's better than Akur

Ganzu Akur: Penny fires multiple water balls

Shin So Giaku: A stronger So Giaku, but only appeared in Zatch's golden book


Byonko and Alvin Edit

Ability: Slime

Alignment - Neutral (Evil turned Good)

Spellbook Color - Lt. Green 

Book burned by: Demolt and Roberto Vile

Byonko and Alvin are Zofis' first assistant duo for his Ancient Mamodo alongside Penny. Their abilities are slime-based. A grumpy old man trying to live out the rest of his life in peace, Alvin is thrusted with the frog Mamodo after believing the four-leaf clover on his head was lucky. (turning it into a permanent three-leaf clover) Yet Byonko himself is obsessed with the simple matters in life, particularly finding and making new friends. Easily befriending Zofis, he assists in collecting the Ancient Mamodo (still locked away in stone) for him to revive as his servant, believing them to be new friends. However, Alvin realized the true evil intentions of the Mamodo who called himself Milordo-Z, choosing either to not help out on Byonko's missions or not wearing his dentures so all of his spells would intentionally be mumbled and not cast. By the time Byonko straightens himself out to help against Demolt, Alvin finally puts his dentures into his mouth and casts his spells to assist Penny in destroying the Moon Stone, even at the cost of his own book.

Gigalolo Nyululuk: Byonko's limbs stretch.

Raja Hyurusen: Byonko blows lots of bubbles

Gigano Nyushield: Byonko makes a slimey shield

Shin Nyushield: Envelops another spell in a similar protective membrane as the one Gigano Niyushield has, but it's more powerful. Only seen in Zatch's golden book.


Ted and Jido Edit

Ability: Physical Upgrades

Alignment - Good

Book Burned - By Grayon and Harry Jet

Ted and Jido are a physical fighting duo with a unique set of spells. Their abilities is physical upgrades, however, their spells are interlinked between one another, only upgrading up one after another like the movement of gears in a car. Although taking part in the tournament, Ted's personal purpose is not just to win but to search down the female Mamodo Cherish, his former protector in the Mamodo world. Although Ted is friendly, he can be set off easily due to his competitive spirit and his desire to fight. After initially befriending Zatch, he ends up defending him from Earth, believing him as an enemy wanting to take him down. Eventually, Ted tracks Cherish down as a member of the Faudo cult, but by this point she is bound both by the penalties of current tower controller Zeno and his minion Gyaron, forcing her to fight against him against her will. After a hard fought battle where he is finally able to reignite the fire within Cherish and make her defy Zeno's will, Ted sacrifices himself and his book to eliminate Gyaron.

Dragner Nagur: Ted's strength and speed increase

Sekan Nagur: Ted's strength and speed increase more than Dragner Nagur

Thirds Nagur: Ted's strength and speed increase more than Sekan Nagur

Forusu Nagur: Ted's strength and speed increase more than Thirds Nagur

Makishimanu Nagur: Ted's body gets enveloped in an aura that makes him stronger

Fifisu Nagur: Ted's strength and speed increase more than Forusu Nagur

Doragunon Dionagur: Ted's strength and speed increase more than Fifisu Nagur

Shin Doraguna Nagur: Ted's ultimate strengthening spell. Only seen in Zatch's golden book


Arth and Elly Edit

Ability: Sword

Alignment - Good

Book burned by: Goomu and Mir (Riou and Banikis in the anime)

Rank in the King Festival: 10th 

Arth and Elly are a crucial ally team introduced during the Faudo crisis. Their ability is swords. A Mamodo who appears like a living armor, he initially encounters his partner living in a Finnish hospital. But because she was a small girl living with a terminal illness, Elly initially refuses Earth's request, believing that she would die in the midst of the battle to be king making him vulnerable. However when witnessing another Mamodo attacking the defenseless Earth, Elly finally takes up his book and sides with him in the fight. Although small and young, Elly is wise beyond her years and is capable of great strategies while Earth knows of many of the legends of the Mamodo world. Initially encountering Zatch with knowledge of the threat of the awakening Faudo Tower, Earth and Elly test them to discover the power of the legendary Baō spell, which they understood were key both to awaken and ultimately defeat the massive Mamodo. However, Riou still uses the duo to his own advantage, placing his curse on Elly and subsequently reawakening her disease. Due to this, Earth, as well as Zatch, play along in using their spells to wake Faudo. But after lifting the seal, Earth soon helps in the effort to eliminate the tower, working with Karudeio to destroy the Heart Guardian and set the controls for return. After Faudo's defeat, Earth and Elly were one of the ten remaining Mamodo in the King Festival, but they were also the first targeted for sendback, ultimately losing to beetle Mamodo Goomu. Earth is one of the mamodo who appears to Zatch when his book becomes gold during the fight with Clear Note.

Sorusen: Arth shoots another sword

Go Sorudo: Arth's sword gets charged with energy

Jyan Ji Sorudo: Arth slams a giant energy sword downwards

Borusen: Arth creates an afterimage

Urusorudo: Arth does multiple slashes

Jerudo Ma Sorudo: A barrier with a radius equal to the length of Arth's sword appear around him. Anyone who enters said barrier will be instantly slashed by the sword.

Baru Barosu Sorudon: Arth creates giant arms and hands holding a giant sword with spikes on the side that thrust

Gyan Bagyamu Sorudon: Arth creates giant arms and hands holding a giant sword with a curved point that slashes downwards

Godima Sorudo: Arth charges more energy into his sword than he does with Go Sorudo

Varusere Ozu Maru Sorudon: Various giant swords attack the enemy

Shin Varusere Ozu Maru Sorudon: A stronger Varusere Ozu Maru Sorudon. Seen in Zatch's golden book, but Arth used it.

Note: Arth's sword absorbs a mamodo's power


Coral Q and Grubb Edit

Ability: Robot Transformations 

Alignment: Neutral 

Book burned by: Zatch and Kiyo

Coral Q and Grubb are the first Mamodo duo to fight against Zatch and Kiyo after the "Milordo-Z" crisis. Their abilities are robot transformation. Koral Q has exaggerated transformation theme music reminiscent of tokusatsu series, and Grubb is a stuck-up individual who believes he is smarter than everyone.Believing in research as just as key in defeating an opponent as spells and abilities, the duo spied on many Mamodo with the use of Coral Q's antenna, including those who fought Milordo-Z (Zofis) in the Debero Ruins. Then, when they fight against another Mamodo duo they've researched, they use their own spells and abilities to counter each and every spell thrown by their opponent. In the anime, Coral Q has exaggerated transformation theme music reminiscent of tokusatsu series, and Grubb is a stuck-up individual who believes he is smarter than everyone. Against Zatch and Kiyo, the duo prove their abilities by defeating five of Zatch's spells in succession. However, Kiyo chooses to adapt the abilities of the two remaining spells, the power-up Zaguruzemu and the trump card Bao Zakeruga, to finally defeat the tricky robot and his bookkeeper. As he fades away, Coral Q gives Zatch and Kiyo their first point toward Faudo. Koral Q also gives Grubb the advice to find some friends like Kiyo did before he fades away.

Roboruga: Koral Q shoots a laser from antennas

Roboruk: Koral Q turns into a useless robot

Ra Robogarugu: Koral Q turns into an energy reflecting robot

Bizamu Roboruga: Koral Q shoots a missile that becomes 2

Muromu Roboruk: Koral Q turns into a robot made of rubber

Digou Roboruk: Koral Q turns into a robot with a motorcycle for legs

Gigano Roboruga: Koral Q shoots a giant laser

Ganji Rudo Roburon: Koral Q turns into a robot with controllable shields


Karudio and Sauza Edit

Ability: Ice Armor

Alignment - Good

Book burned by: Faudo's Heart Guardian

Karudio and Sauza are one of the ally teams during the Faudo arc. Their ability is ice armor. Another horse Mamodo like Ponygon, Karudio was first introduced as a rival for the fire horse. During their first confrontation, Ponygon learned his third spell, and the match ended in a draw. Sauza and Sunbeam made friends, though Ponygon and Karudio continue to hate each other. At some point in the past, Karudio also defeated two Mamodo named Snail and Maraion. Karudio and Sauza appear again during the Faudo crisis, seemingly on the cult's side, but actually attempting to assist Earth and Elly, who they befriended after Elly's disease returned. Calling a truce with Zatch's group, Earth and Karudio ran off to use a timer in Faudo's chest to send him back to the Makai. They get into a fight with the Heart Guardian, in which the monster organ sets Karudio's book on fire. As he vanishes, Karudio gains his final spell, Diō Gikoru Gidoruku, and uses it do destroy the Heart before he fades completely.

Gidoruk: The same as Ponygon's Shudoruk, but icey

Go Gidoruk: The same as Ponygon's Go Shudoruk, but icey

Diogikor Gidoruk: The same as Ponygon's Dio Mur Shudoruk, but icey

Dio Gikorio Gidoruk: A stronger Dio Gikor Gidoruk


Rein and Kairu Edit

Ability: Brute Strength

Alignment - Good

Book burned by: Zatch and Kiyo (by request)

Rein and Kairu are a friendly team met by Zatch in southeast Asia. Their spells revolve around brute strength. One of Zatch's friends from the Makai, Rein is a large and powerful Mamodo, who nonetheless does not want to fight in the battle, both due to his own reluctance to hurt people and his bookkeeper Kairu's timidity. Although typically seen as a massive, bear-like creature, Rein has the ability to transform into a human with light blue hair. Sending Zatch a letter to come and remove him from the tournament, Rein is soon set upon by Purio and his new partner, Faudo cultist Rodeaux. With the assistance of Zatch, Kiyo, and some newfound confidence from Kairu, Rein succeeds in driving away his assailants, at which point Zatch honors his request by burning his book. Rein is one of the mamodo who appears to Zatch when his book becomes gold during the battle with Clear Note.

Aborodio: Rein shoots a beam in the shape of a cross (Attack)

Aagasu Aborodo: Rein makes a mouth-like cage that protects anyone inside (Defense)

Garubadosu Aborodio: Rein makes a giant bear with multiple teeth and claws (Attack)

Shin Garubadosu Aborodio: A stronger Garubadosu Aborodio. It was in Zatch's golden book, but Rein used it (Attack/Manga Only)


Rodeaux and Chita Edit

Ability: Wings

Alignment - Evil

Book burned by: Purio and Lupa (Zaruchim and Raushin Mo in the anime)

Rodeaux and Chita are mambers of the Faudo cult and main opponents in the Faudo arc. Their abilities are based on wings. Chita is a teenage girl who lost an eye, leading to her boyfriend leaving her and she herself becoming a depressed shut-in. Ever since she met Rodeaux, he had been demanding that she get stronger. They first encounter Zatch and company when they, as well as Purio and Lupa, attack Rein and Kairu. Chita has replaced her missing eye with a special eyepiece that allows her to power down an opponents book. With the release of Rein's ultimate spell, they are defeated. They return later and capture Tia, Megumi, Kanchome, and Folgore for use as hostages to force Zatch to help break the Faudo lock. When Zeno takes over, Rodeaux gains Godufa power and is stationed in the control room itself. Rodeaux is defeated first by Momon and then by Zatch, with each defeat absorbing more Faudo liquid and coming back in a more powerful form. When Zeno finally had enough of Rodeux's failures, he manipulated the Faudo juice inside Rodeaux to make his body parts attack him. Rodeaux switched from Zeno's side to Zatch's, but after Zeno begins making Rodeaux's limbs fall off, Purio is forced to burn his friend's book to save his life. As he vanishes, Rodeaux uses his strongest spell, Dioga Ragyūru, one last time to destroy Zeno's transforming cloak.

Anime: In the anime, it is Rodeaux who sends back Wonrei. He then intrudes on Zatch and Riya's fight with Gyaron, producing a captured Li-en and reiterating a story of how Wonrei begged him for life. After Zatch intimidates him into telling the real story, the captured Li-en reveals "herself" to be Zaruchimu, who slices Rodeaux's book in half for his weakness.

Dioga Ragyur: Rodeaux shoots an energy blast from his wings

Ganzu Ragyur: Rodeaux shoots multiple bullets from his wings

Ragyur Rosudo: Rodeaux's wings become a scythe

Gigano Ragyur: A smaller version of Dioga Ragyuuru

Garuragyuga: Rodeaux's wings transform into an energy corkscrew

Giron Ragyur: Rodeaux's wings become spikes

Dio Baooru Ragyuga: Rodeaux shoots 2 blasts of energy from his wings

Ragyur: A smaller version of Gigano Ragyuuru

Ragyuga: A beam version of the Garuragyuuga spell. (Attack)


Cherish and Nicole Edit

Ability: Crystals

Alignment - Neutral

Book burned by: Zeno and Dufort (Faudo's Heart Guardian in the anime)

Cherish and Nicole are a team caught within the cult of Riou and Faudo tower. Their ability is crystals. Cherish was a brave, older Mamodo girl who lead and protected a group of orphan Mamodo children from the many dangers and bullies within the Mamodo world. One of these children, Ted, was particularly inspired by Cherish's actions and strived to be as brave as she was in the face of danger. When the duo both were sent to the human world, Ted went in search of her while Cherish partnered with female game warden Nicole, who chose to hide her appearance to look like a boy during most of the tournament. Needing assistance to the awakening of Faudo, Riou places his curse upon Nicole, forcing Cherish to fight for him at the risk of her partner's life. After an initial fight with Tia and Ponygon, Cherish used her Dioga Kofarudon spell to assist in awakening the massive Mamodo. Yet while she thought she would be free after Riou's fall, Zeno's takeover of Faudo forced her to continue serving the enemy. As part of a team on the second floor towards Faudo's brain, Zeno indirectly controlled her through his servant Gyaron, shocking her with electricity whenever she rebelled. As Ted arrived to save her, Cherish finally stood up against Gyaron and Zeno while watching the boy Mamodo's sacrifice. Eventually, she would assist Zatch's team against Zeno, sacrificing her own book to him while using her sniping spell Gurādo Ma Kofaru to release the mamodo that Zeno had been holding captive.

Anime: Choosing to stay on Riou's side even after waking Faudo, Cherish is forced to fight Ted on her own before sacrificing herself against the Heart guardian. Considering she remained in her disguise through the end of the anime, Nicole's gender remains unknown.

Dioga Kofarudon: Cherish launches a giant crystal

Gurādo Ma Kofaru: A sniper gun is created, which Cherish uses to fire crystal bullets from long range towards her opponent. This attack is only used in the manga. (Attack)

Go Kofaru: Cherish fires a crystal

Gare Kofaru: Cherish fires multiple crystals

Kofaru: A small gem is fired from her fingertip. (Attack)

Gigano Kofaru: Cherish discharges a very large crystal from her hands. (Attack)

Ganzu Gou Koforuga: Cherish shoots many large crystals from her hands. (Attack)

Shin Gurado Ganzu Kofaru: Cherish operates an enormous sniper-style cannon, along with many smaller futuristic-guns, that fire lasers. Only seen in Zatch's golden book


Riou and Banikis Gigo Edit

Ability: Beasts

Alignment - Evil

Book burned by: Zeno and Dufort

Riou is the main antagonist of the first part of the Faudo arc. Before he left for Earth, Riou was told by his father to use Faudo to his advantage in winning the kingship and provided with a jewel that would let him control Faudo. Assembling a cabal of like-minded Mamodo and using a death curse to bend good Mamodo to his will, Riou was provided with all the "dioga" level spells he needed to release Faudo. After a slight setback resulting from the loss of Buzarai, Riou blackmailed Zatch into replacing him in the cult. After Zatch and a large amount of Mamodo, including several former members of his cult, came after him, Riou retreated into the tower, isolating Zatch and Kiyo from the rest of the group and facing them himself. It is then revealed that Riou's bookkeeper is Banikis Gigo, who had been hiding in the mouth on Riou's chest, and that his powers are based on beasts spells, similar to the final spells of many Mamodo but in the forms of animals like lions. Using these spells, they deal Zatch a crushing defeat, even sending Kiyo to the brink of death. However, the diabolical Mamodo is soon brought down by an even more powerful foe, Zeno, who subsequently takes the command of Faudo.

Fanon Riou Diou: Riou creates a giant yellow cerberus from his stomach

Garufanon: Riou fires a spinning creature with lots of teeth from his stomach

Fanon: Riou creates a ghost from his stomach

Gigano Fanon: Riou creates a lion from his stomach

Go Fanon: Riou creates a creature from his stomach with spiky armor

Gurga Dorufanon: Riou shoots a reptilian creature with a huge drill emenating from its mouth at the enemy. (Attack)

Baagasu Fanon: The fangs on the mouth of Riou's stomach extend spearing the enemy. (Attack)

Argas Fanon: A beast-like face appears from the ground and closes its mouth becoming a barrier/shield. (Defense)

Fanon Doron: The huge head of a lion appears from Riou's stomach and charges at the enemy. It can also grab the enemy with its mane. (Attack/Immobilization)

Girfadom Barsuruk: One of Riou's most powerful spells strengthening his body and changing his form into a monstrous version of himself. (Transformation)

Wigar Fanon: Riou fires a blast of wind pressure from his stomach with the shape of a fang/fangs. (Attack)

Note: Riou could give a curse up to 4 times (if he did 5, he'd die). If Faudo isn't released in time, the cursed one dies.


Momon and Elle Chivas Edit

Ability: Trickery

Alignment - Good

Book burned by: Rodeaux and Chita

Momon and Elle Chivas are a major ally team during the Faudo crisis. Elle is a young woman who wears a nun's outfit and has a habit of muttering "Oyoyoyo" during any crisis, and Momon is a perverted Mamodo first introduced as a rival for Tia. By using his spell powers of trickery, Momon is able to easily subdue Tia in annoying ways that also allow him to look at her underwear. Momon's bothersome behavior soon infuriates Tia, and her anger unlocks her sixth spell, Chajiru Saifodon, which she uses to defeat Momon. Momon and Elle make friends with Zatch's group after this incident. Momon and Elle provide support to Zatch, Tia, Kanchome, and Ponygon during the assault on Faudo tower, although due to Momon's cowardly nature, he spends most of his time running away. He finally shows his true potential during the fight in the control room, in which he gains two spells at once, Mimiruo Mifanon and Fei Miruruku. Using these spells, Momon is able to subdue Rodeaux, but the battered winged Mamodo retaliates with an underhanded attack that destroys Momon's book. Momon stays just long enough to see his plan come to fruition; he was a distraction the entire time, intending to keep Rodeaux and Jedun busy until Kiyo awakened. Before Momon faded away Elle was glad he never learned a spell that could hurt other people.

Amuron: Momon's arm stretches

Aguraruk: Momon goes underground and pops up somewhere else

Ora Norojio: Momon shoots a beam that slows down the target for 8 seconds

Minfei Mimirugu: Momon's ears get bigger, allowing him to fly

Mimiruo Mifanon: Spell which creates rings that divert other attacks.

Fei Miruruk: Allows Momon to jump on air


Hougan and Million Suit Edit

Ability: Flaming Axes

Alignment - Evil

Book burned by: Arth and Ellie

Hougan and Million Suit are a minor team seen for one panel in the manga, which shows their defeat at the hands of Earth. The entire fight is seen in the anime, but the two are still beaten very easily. The anime reveals their abilities to be based around flaming axes.

Emuru Akusu: Hougan's axe gets engulfed in flames

Gigano Emuru Akusu: A stronger Emuru Akusu


Zaruchimu and Raushin Mo Edit

Ability: Shadows

Alignment - Evil

Book burned by: Ponygon and Sunbeam (Zeno and Dufort in the anime)

Zaruchimu and Raushin Mo are Riou and Banikis's right-hand men. Their element is shadow. Zaruchimu was apparently in charge of recruiting for the Faudo cult, and appears to be psychic. Riya and Aleshie bear a personal grudge against Zaruchimu and Raushin, as the evil pair threatened to kill a little boy if Riya did not join the cult. Zaruchimu rarely fights, but when he does, he outfits himself with special gauntlets that allow him to project shadows into physical forms. His first battle seen is against Riya, who manages to distract him long enough for Zatch's group to escape him. He is one of only two Mamodo who does not swear unquestioned loyalty to Zeno by accepting the Godufa powerup, the other being Cherish. Even after Riou is sent back, Zaruchimu remains on the side of the cult, engaging Riya and Ponygon in battle on the first level of Faudo's neck. Zaruchimu burns Riya's book, but in turn gets his own book destroyed by Sunbeam. As both rivals fade, Riya and Zaruchimu agree to forgive each other.

Anime: Zaruchimu is defeated by Zeno for obstructing the latter's path to Riou.

Orshido Sharon: Zaruchim creates lights from his eyes, then the created shadows entangle people

Shidona Swordo: Zaruchim makes a giant shadow sword

Jiboruo Sheedon: Zaruchim makes a shadow creature with scythe arms

Ganzu Shidosen: Energy is fired through shadows that have been converted into cylinders. (Attack)

Shidona Dippu: Zaruchim makes two shadow swords

Shidona Shirudo: Zaruchim makes a shadow shield

Shidona Di Shizeruk: Zaruchim gains shadow claws

Oruda Shidona: Zaruchim manipulates arrows composed of shadows to pierce/attack the enemy. (Attack)


Buzarai and Kazu Edit

Ability: Axes

Alignment - Evil

Book burned by: Zatch and Kiyo

Buzarai and Kazu are members of the Faudo cult. Generally acting as the brawn to Kiees's brains, Buzarai is a silent, armor-like Mamodo whose powers center on the axe he wears on his back. He first makes his presence known to the good Mamodo by shooting down Apollo's plane as it approaches Faudo Tower. Along with Kiees, he engages Zatch and Kanchomé in battle after the group is separated. After the release of Kanchomé's fourth spell stops his own strongest attack, Buzarai's book is destroyed by Zatch, making him the first of the Faudo cult to be defeated.

Gazuron: Buzari throws his axe Attack)

Go Gazushield: Buzari uses an axe as a shield (Defense)

Urujimu Gazun: Buzari spins his axe really fast, creating a tornado (Attack)

Barudo Gazuron: Buzari attacks with multiple axes (Attack)

Raja Gazun: Buzari slams his axe on the ground, then a Gravirei effect activates (Immobilization)

Gigano Gazuron: Buzari fires a giant spinning blade (Attack)

Go Gazuruk: Buzari's arms become axes (Assist)

Dioga Gazuron: A stronger version of Gigano Gazuron (Attack)


Kiees and Berun Edit

Main article: Kiees and Berun

Ability: Light

Alignment - Evil

Book burned by: Bari and Gustav (also got book burned at the same time as Keith got his book burned)

Kiees and Berun are a bizarre but dangerous duo working for the Faudo cult. Their abilities are light. Kiees most notably identifies himself as the rival of the Mamodo Bari, fighting with him constantly prior to both being sent to the human world. Siding with a red-nosed director, he taunts all who fight him by annoyingly conducting his own version of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy". Initially encountered fighting in Faudo's exterior, his battle with Zatch and Kanchome force the duck-billed Mamodo to awaken his fourth spell in order to fend him off prior to retreating. After waking Faudo, he chooses to pledge loyalty to Zeno through the Godufa spell and becomes the third-floor neck guardian. But Bari's arrival in the tower forced the two rivals to face each other one last time, leading both to his own defeat and Bari's subsequent sacrifice due to activating a trap while being sent back.

Anime: Initially fighting Kanchome and Momon instead of the whole ally team, Kiees still fights against Bari in the tower.

Ganzu Ginisu: Kieth fires multiple lasers (Attack)

Gigano Ginisu: Kieth fires a mass of lasers (Attack)

Amu Garuginisu: Kieth launches his spring-like fists with a green light around them (Assist/Attack)

Gou Garuginisu: Kieth's body spins in an energy tornado

Doruginisu: Kieth creates a drill around his hand

Bāgasu Ginisugan: Kieth creates a large amount of ricocheting lasers

Giron Ginisu: Kieth makes a powerful blade of light that is fired at the opponent

Dioga Ginisudon: Kieth fires a large laser


Riya and Aleshie Edit

Ability: His own body

Alignment - Good

Book burned by: Zaruchimu and Raushin Mo (Zeno and Dufort in the anime)

Riya and Aleshie are a pair first seen as enemies in the Faudo cult. Riya's powers involve his own body which he uses to strech his horn and arms, to give him various physical upgrades, to enlarge himself to protect others even fire lasers from his chest. They are, however, very reluctant to be there; they were shoehorned in by a threat to kill a child by Raushin Mo and kept in line by Riou's curse. They are the first of the cultists to turn to Zatch's side, after Zatch and Kiyo free the rebellious duo from a cell in the tower. They hold off Zaruchimu and Wonrei so Zatch and Kiyo can escape from the tower. They are then recaptured and forced to help unlock the tower. When the curse is broken, they join the fight against Zeno, Riou and their followers, attempting to get their revenge on Zaruchimu and Raushin on the first floor of Faudo's neck. Riya sends back Fango, but is in turn sent back by Zaruchimu, although he stays long enough to see Zaruchimu himself go back. The rivals agree to forgive each other.

Garubanio: Riya's horn extends

Ganzu Niosen: Riya fires multiple bullets from his belly

Go Amuruk: Riya's arm becomes longer

Raja Shirunio: Riya's belly extends to become a shield

Shaou Niodoruk: Riya tackles forward, gaining the appearance of a giant creature

Nidoruk: Riya's body becomes rocky

Go Niodoruk: Riya's body gets bigger and he gets claws

Pikku Garunio: Riya fires a beam-like sword from his hand

Garudoruk Nioruk: Riya spins rapidly

Barudo Niosen: Riya fires large projectiles from his belly

Digou Shirushio: An enormous shield similar to the armor on Riya's stomach appears to block attacks. (Defense)


Fango and Adora Edit

Ability: Fire

Alignment - Evil

Book burned by: Riya and Aleshie (Ponygon and Sunbeam in the anime)

Fango and Adora are Faudo cultists, with the power of fire. The pair appear first as a team petitioned by Dr. Riddles to join in the fight against Zofis, but they refused. They appear again at the release of Faudo, in which they use their fire, focused through strange floating siscs called "satellites", to attempt to pick the lock. Fango was quick to switch his allegiance to Zeno once control of the tower was usurped, earning him a Godufa transformation and a station on the first neck level of Faudo. Fango and Adora appear, along with Zaruchimu and Raushin, to fight Riya and Ponygon. By pretending to quarrel with Zaruchimu during the fight, Fango attempted to catch his oppnents off guard, but his book is torn to shreds by Riya's spell. Fango endures a final humiliation at the hands of Zaruchimu, who seizes his disappearing body and uses it to stop the giant spell.

Anime: Fango's story is very different in the anime. He doesn't get the Godufa upgrade, he doesn't team up with Zaruchimu and Raushin and his book is not destroyed by Riya. Instead Fango teams up with the snake mamodo Jedun and his partner Eskaruro Run and they fight Ponygon and Karudio and lose their books in the battle.

A lsem Gadyudon: Fango fires a big blast of fire from his "satellites"

Karping Gadyu: Fango shoots a big blast of fire

Uoru Gadyun: Fango shoots a shield of fire from 2 "satellites"

Rondo Gadyu: Fango's "satellites" go sideways and shoot fire

Orudi Gadyu: Fango fires a fireball

Arusemu Gadyuudon: 6 sattelites makes a ring a fire and a giant blast of fire appears

Gadyusen: Fango fires a blast of fire

Rioru Gadyuga: Fango shoots two beams of fire via this spell

Dio Gadyuga: Fango summons a great burst of flames toward the opponnent

Note: Fango and Adora were a team Kido and Doctor Riddles wanted to have help fight the Ancient Mamodo.

Gyaron and Harry Jet Edit

Ability - Physical Metal (Steel in the anime)

Alignment - Evil

Spellbook Color - Charcoal Gray

Booked Burned - By Ted and Jido (Ryia and Aleshie in the anime)

Gyaron and Harry Jet are both members of the Faudo cult. Their powers are based around Physical Metal in the manga and Steel in the anime. Like the rest of the cult they planned on betraying Riou after unlocking Faudo but joined up with him after he took control of it. He guarded Faudo's lungs along with Rodeaux. In the manga he recevies the powerup. In the anime they were defeated by Ryia and Asleshie. In the anime, Gyaron's powers are different than in the manga. In the anime his powers involve energy beams that come from his shoulders and the blades on his arms. In the manga his powers come from increasing certain parts of his body like arms and legs similar to Ted's powers. The only spell that is the same in both the anime and the manga is the Emarion Basukado spell which is his most powerful spell.

Gyan Basukado: Armor on both shoulders connects and laser beams are fired from the holes. (Attack)

Aramu Basukado: Generates multiple sickle-shaped energy beams from blades on his arms. (Attack)

Amu Basukarugu: Gyaron's fist transforms into a rocket shape and strikes the opponent. (Attack)

Rei Basukarugu: Spell that strengthens his legs allowing him to move with much speed. (Assist)

Gigamu Basukarugu: Another spell similar to the one above, but strengthening his arms instead. (Assist)

Emarion Basukado: An enormous shield is created with a sharpened blade at the end that advances toward the enemy. (Defense/Attack)

Dio Ma Baskaguru: A spell that increases Gyaron's size and strengthens his body. (Assist)


Jedun and Eskaruro Run Edit

Ability - Snakes

Alignment - Evil

Spellbook Color Lavander

Boked Burned - By Zatch and Kiyo (Ponygon and Sunbeam in the anime)

Jedun and Eskaruro Run  are a mamodo team who are members of the Faudo cult. Their powers are based around Snakes. They joined Zeno soon after he dethroned Riou in the magna and he receives the powerup while in the anime staying loyal to Riou and teams up with Fango to battle Ponygon and Kareudio. They end up losing to them after they heated up his barrier keeping his booked and then freezing it and keep it going until it breaks. Jedun has a large pocket on his torso which he use to keep his bookkepper there and has a special glass that protects her from attacks. Surprisingly, in the manga Jedun is shy and doesn't reveal to bookkepper Run that he can talk until he is sent back, while in the anime he doesn't show any shyness at all and instead acts ruthless.

Gunobion: Jedun's hands transform into large snakes. (Attack)

Garubabion: Jedun spins at a rapid rate and flies like a frisbee. (Attack)

Bagasu Gunobion: He shoots many snakes in a circular formation at the opponent. (Attack)

Gigano Gunobion: A monstrous snake appears from Jedun's arms. (Attack)

Bobi Gunobirugu: Spell which transform Jedun's body into a shield shape. (Transformation)

Gigano Gudoruk: Big spikes grow out of his armor. (Attack)

Dima Gunobion: Many snakes appear from Jedun's body. (Attack)

Babiou Gunobio: Summons a group of gigantic snakes that attack accordingly. (Attack)

Clear Note and VinoEdit

Ability: Annihilation

Alignment: Supremely Evil

Spellbook Color: White

Book Burned- By Gash Bell and Kiyomaro

Rank in King Festival: 3rd

Clear Note and Vino are the Main villains of the King's festival arc in the manga, and appear shortly after Ashuron and Riin Vise do. Clear Note is a extremely powerful mamodo whose main power of annihilation causes anything his spells hit to be utterly destroyed. His overall goal is to win the battle to be king so that when he does, he can use the King's power of changing the mamodo world, to get rid of everyone but his dimension shifting mamodo co-hort Gormu. His partner Vino, is a sadistic infant child with a nearly limitless amount of spell energy at his disposal. But because of his low ability to dodge or defend himself from attacks, Clear Note sacrifices nearly half of his power to keep Vino protected inside a impenetrable bubble druing battles. Clear Note's goal stems from the overall destructive nature of man and how he believes both man and mamodo are self-destructive and must be destroyed before anyone can suffer from this destruction. He first appears to eliminate Braggo but is stopped in time by Ashuron and Riin Vise which during the ensuing fight, Ashuron sacrifice's himself to cause Clear Note to need to hide inside Gormu's pocket dimension for 10 months to recover. In which time Gash and his friends will train to become strong enough to defeat him. Although he witnesses Kanchome's power of Shin Poruku and decides that it is a power that could destroy him, so he temporarily moves out of the dimension to destroy both Kanchome and Papipurio's books to keep them from being a threat. Later Gormu attempts to fight him but in vain, and destroys him. Later in the ensuing fight with Gahs and Braggo, he manages to get rid of Tio and Umagon along the way, but eventually reveals his true form to the both of them and loses the fight when Gash's book turns golden. It is revealed in the final chapter, that his personality, power and form are changed entirely in a reincarnation of himself made out of compassion from Gash and that Gash is the only one who knows this. Vino, after the battle goes to live as Dr.Riddle's and Big Boing's adoptive son.


Radisu-Shoots annihilation energy forth most basic spell.

Ashuron and Riin ViseEdit

Abillity: Dragonfire

Spellbook Color: Unknown

Alignment: Good

Book Burned- by Clear Note and Vino

Rank in King's festival: 9th

Description: Ashuron is a strong member of the dragon clan who was in a eternal rivalry with Clear Note, he first appeared to test Gash's spells and abilities to see if he is strong enough to stand up to Clear Note. He originally intened to defeat Clear Note with Gash's help, but he was unfortunatly unable to finish him off with his last breath but incapacitated him for 10 months. He eventually reappears in Gash's golden spellbook to help defeat Clear Note, in fact, when Kiyomaro casts Ashuron's ultimate spell, Clear Note recognizes it and sees that Ashuron is helping him. His original form is that of a large man with dragon scales on some parts of his body, but his true form is that of a great winged dragon. He enjoys sake and his brother is the dragon Eruzador who was defeated by Bari. Next to nothing is known about Riin Vise, he calls Ashuron his master and appears at the meeting to decide how to fight Clear Note then no more after that.


Teobura- Shoots a large beam from his mouth.

Digar Kurou- His claw gets bigger.

Shin Feiruk- Increases flight speed dramatically.

Dioga Buroa- Larger Teobura.

Teiru Disuguru- Tail becomes a powerful lance.

Ganzu Buroa- Shoots multiple fireballs.

Dioga Amugiruk- Grows swords out of his arms.

Dishirudo Doragoruk- Arms become shields

Shin Doragornasu Buroa- Fires an immense beam of energy (only appears in Gash's spell book)