Folgore is the spellbook owner of Kanchome, and a Italian international movie and singing star. He is anywhere from 18-24 years old and is known for his womanizing ways and love for large breasts, shown in his hit song Chi-chi wo moge (Grope the breast, changed to Hey,Hey let's Dance all day in the English dub, due to censoring) He also has another song called Muteki Folgore (Invincible Folgore), which Kanchome sings whenever he is knocked down to immediatly bring him to his feet. It is unclear when he and Kanchome met, but he and Kanchome are very close despite the fact that Folgore is so busy being a superstar. It is shown in the Clear Note arc that he was once a very bad person who went around looking for trouble, and it got so bad to the point that his parents even avoided him. Then one day by chance, he saw a nature show on television through a store window, and saw a bird sitting on a hippo's fangs, He saw the symbionce and peace the hippo had with the bird and longed to be that way. Eventually he became the way he is today. He is very protective of Kanchome, and will often take hits in place of him, due to Kanchome's obviously low defensive capabilities. From most people in Japan, Folgore is known for loving to grope girls breast in his music videos or special movies.


Episodes: 11,18,20,21,22,40-41,59-72,91,125-150 (Anime) Chapters:285,298-302,323 (Manga)

Voice ActorsEdit

In the English dub, he is voiced by Dave Wittenburg and in the original version he is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi.