Umagon is a long time friend of Gash (although Gash was unaware of it at first), but at first he didn't want to be friends with him, but after Gash helped him save his father from a snake bite which would have killed him, they became close. As far as his personality goes, he can only say "Meru meru me" due to his youth and the possibility that the horse clan in the mamodo world cannot speak until they reach a certain age. Because of this, his relationship with Kiyomaro is comically strained making them very disagreeable. His book owner is Kafk Sunbeam and almost immediatly after meeting him they become very close. He was the key factor in defeating Dalmos in the Zofis arc and was a very powerful fighter in the Faudo arc. During the Faudo arc, he had an ongoing rivalry with another horse mamodo who could speak named Karudio. In the Clear Note arc, after Dufueax read his mind, it was determined that he should train in Africa in order to run from and fight the wild animals there to learn the important part to his strength, which is the tenacity to survive and cling to life. He then uses his 4th spell to get Gash as close as he can to Clear Note, unfortunately he begins to disintigrate due to overuse of his spells, but Sunbeam has Megumi burn his book before he can die. He then appears in Gash's golden spellbook to him him defeat Clear note. Overall, he places 4th.


Shudoruku- Creates a silver armor that increases his speed and attack power.

Gou Shudoruku- Creates a gold armor that further increases his speed,attack as well as his defense.

Diomuru Shudoruku- Increases his size and speed,attack and armor, also allows him to have powerful fire blasts.

Shin Shudoruku- Covers him in even stronger armor which is bendable to his will and allows him to have flight, the drawback is that if used too long it creates tremendous strain on his body. (Manga Only)

Bao meru meru me- Breathes a stream of fire (Imaginary attack, anime only)

Shudoshield- Creates a teal sheild for defense. (Video game only)

Ganzu Shudoruku- Shoots several missiles from armor. (Video game only)

Barudo Forusu: Uncle, Kanchome Umagon and give strength to Zatch and it manifests as a giant Phoenix made ​​electricity, magic must be pronounced the same time by Kiyo, Megumi, Folgore and Kafk to work (only the 1st film).Edit

Voice actors Edit

In the japanese dub he is voiced by Satoomi Koorogi and Dave Wittenburg in the English dub.