Sherry Is one of the main heroes of Zatch Bell (series) and also the Bookreader of the Mamodo, Brago. Sherry might seem like a villain but she wants nothing more than to end the Mamodo Battle because her best friend, Koko is being hypnotized by another Mamodo, Zofis. Sherry and Brago first appeared in Episode 4 trying to get Kiyo to give up Zatch's spell book, but losing time Brago uses Reis, on Kiyo, to snap sense into him. Her longlife best friend is Koko who both grew up in poverty, but Koko had come through more. Sherry grew up with a strict mother who treated her very bably and accept one bit of failure from her. After seeing Koko was brainwashed by Zofis, Brago had shown up telling her about the Mamodo Battle held every 1000 years, and helped Sherry defeat Zofis.

Sherry's AppearanceEdit

Sherry has long gold colored hair which were at first pigtails, with blue eyes and a light purple dress that is even bigger than her.

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