Tia is a character and an ally to Zatch from episode 14 to the end of the series. Tia's loyalty and trustworthiness has pulled through repeatedly, time and again all the way to the end of the series.When Zatch first met Tia she did not trust him nor any other Mamodo to be her friend because of what her former best friend (Maruss) had betrayed her. Tia's partner is Megumi Oumi. Tia knew Zatch from the Mamodo world and often acts like a bully towards him.Tia was attacked by her best friend and when she was beaten and when it was over Tia laid unconscious. Megumi found her and took her in. Tia was very careful after her encounter. After that it was almost impossible for her to trust anyone that tried to be friends with her, but soon they formed a sisterly bond.Tia was scared and helpless until Zatch came. When Tia and Zatch work together as a team they are very powerful Mamodo Tia's personality: she is very kind but gets mad easily (she has anger problems). Tia has a huge crush on Zatch Bell but pretends to have a crush on Kiyo to fool him.

Spells and CharmsEdit

Chajiru Saifodon- is a spell unlocked by the Mamodo Momon after he pervertedly looks at her underwear by using his spells to do so. This spell is a spell that summons a goddess at the top of a sword. This spell is powered by anger meaning the more angry Tia gets the more power full the spell would be.This spell is vulnerable when Tia is calm.

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Ma Se Shield

So Giaku


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