Bari was once known as a very strong bully in the Mamodo world and makes it his business to be a strong king that no one will oppose. His spell book color is violet/purple and his partner is Gustav. Little is known about Gustav other than it is likely that he is from Russia due to his strong accent and clothes. It is unclear how they met. Bari and Gustav first appear defeating Donpoccho and Goman, and shown later to be frustrated by how boring the battle was. Gustav tells him about Gash and how is so far undefeated and goes to challenge him. He is very angered by Gash's demeanor and his goal to be a "kind" king. Eventually Gash's fierce determination shown in his eyes prevents Bari from striking him. Bari tells them he will spare them for the time being, but the next time he will burn their book for sure. Later Dr. Riddles asks for his help twice, the 1st time was during the Zofis arc, but when Dr. Riddles said that Gash was on the team Bari said that he was waiting for the rematch. Later during the Faudo arc, (this is show differently in the Manga and the anime, in the anime he goes by himself and in the manga Dr. Riddles recruits him) Bari shows up to fight Keith in the 3rd Neck chamber. (The fights in the anime and manga differ as well, in the anime Keith and Bari are more evenly matched, where in the manga Bari is shown to be vastly superior.) When Bari is fighting Keith, he reveals that he defeated a strong mamodo from the dragon clan called Eruzador, and his body was badly scarred because of it, but made him immensly stronger. Unfortunatley, he sacrifices himself in one of Faudo's traps to allow Gash to fight Zeon. He later appears to help Gash defeat Clear Note. Overall he placed anywhere from 15th to 17th. In the japanese dub Bari is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu, and Gustav is voiced by Unshou Ishizuka, in the English dub, Bari is voiced by Wally Wingert and Gustav is voiced by Crispin Freeman.

Spells and Abilities Edit

Bari- Incredible fighting strength and technique, due to his many battles not just in the human world, but in the mamodo world, Bari has incredible fighting prowess and durability.

Gustav- Although not posessing great fighting technique or supreme intelligence or a super-human ability, he is still quite wise and because he usually remains motionless during battles, he retains and quickly regenerates spell energy.


Zonis-Shoots a tornado of energy at the opponent.

Garuzonis- Bari becomes airborne and spins at high speed with his spiral energy to inflict great damage.

Doruzonis- Creates a drill/cone of his energy around his hand to cause a lot of damage.

Zorushirudo- Creates a large metallic sheild for defense.

Gigano Zonis- Upgraded version of Zonis, seen to be used as a finishing move.

Amu Ra Zoruk- Bari raises his hands in the air and moves them at high speeds to defend against projectile attacks. (Manga only)

Arudomu Gou Zonis- When his hand is touching an opponent he forces a lot of energy directly into them, used as a finishing move. (Manga only)

Gou Zorushirudo- Upgraded Zorushirudo.

Dioga Zonisudon- Ultimate finishing spell, creates a gigantic wave of tornado energy to annhilate his opponent. (Manga only)

Shin Doruzonis- Upgraded Doruzonis, creates a second drill on the other hand, only used in the clear note arc by Gash. (Manga only)

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