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 Here on the zatch Bell wiki you can view the Storyline of zatch Bell and see your all diffrent kinds Mamodo and Bookreaders, and what powers they use in Battles. This Wiki also provides the locations of Where Zatch Bell And Kiyo Takamine were inside the show and manga and even the Mamodo World, Extra Characters, Episodes(English Decrepttions Only) and Characters who weren't even in Manga, but Anime Only

Zatch Bell/Gash Bell!! Storyline: Every One Thousand years 100 Mamodo descend upno the face of the Eath with their powerful spellbooks to Conduct The Ultimate Battle for Thron of Mamodo King in The Mamodo World. But theirs only one problem If the Mamodo spellbook gets burned the Mamodo forcefully returned back to their world.Now what's a Mamodo, They are creatures from another with Supernatural Powers. Who will become the next Mamodo king? Read the information and find out. Kiyo Takamine is brlliiant middle school student with a high HQ and always getting rejected by everyone because of his stuborn attidude. Until Kiyo's father sents him a Goodhearted boy Zatch Bell to teach him about Friendship, Kindness and Adventure. But there are things that his father didn't know Zatch Bell Is a Mamodo child from another world invisable to humans and when Kiyo reads his spells out loud Zatch shoots lighting from his mouth and must when the Battle between the other one hundred Mamodo children in order to become the Mamodo King.

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