Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles or(Konjiki No Gash Bell Yujo Taggu Batouro 2/ In Japanese) Is a video game for Playstation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube that was released from Bandai in 2005. The game is based off the Manga and Anime of Konjiki No Gash Bell/ Zatch Bell it has a 3D like fighting style. In america/USA this was the first game in the Zatch Bell/ Knojiki No Gash Bell series

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  • Every one thousand 100 Mamodo children start to appear all over Earth with their powerful spellbooks and must Team up with a Human Partner who came read the book. But there's only one problem if the Mamodo's spellbook is burnt they lose all claim to become the king and return to the Mamodo world. The last Mamodo in the tournament standing will become the almighty king of the Mamodo world.
  • Game Modes
  • Story Mode- Story Mode allows you to choose one of the six characters playable in story mode Zatch Bell, Tia, Kachome, Brago, Won-rei, and Zeno and to follow their story's. There are a number of destinations to choose from to face off other Mamodo, allowing characters to fight others in diffrent orders. As the story goes farther more Mamodo's will appear. The story will completed when the character you chose fightes their major boss from the show.
  • Time Attack- This mode challanges you to see how fast you can defeat all eight fights in one round if you finish Time attack in a certian time characters will be unlocked.
  • 1P Mode- This mode allows you to fight the CPU player with only your chosen Character fighting agianst the Computer player.
  • 2P Mode- This Mode Allows you fight with a friend with second controller.
  • Develop Mode- This mode allows you to attach items to your character and make them stronger in Batlle.
  • Bouns Mode- Spend points to buy cards, View your Card gallery, and input Passwords to unlock characters
  • Practice Mode- Here you can practice your skills and get strounger in battle.

Playable Characters And Stages

Zatch Bell And Kiyo Takamine

Tia And Megumi

Brago And Sherry

Parco Folgore And Kachome

Vincent Bari And Gustav

Ponygon( Sunbeam only playable in Japanese Version) (Unlocked by doing Time Attack under 8 Minutes with Zatch Bell And Kiyo Takamine)

Zofis And Koko

Zofis And Koko(Milordo Z And Koko)

Kido And Dr.Riddles

Li-en And Won-rei

Zeno And Dufort

Victoream And Mowhawk Ace

Lilia And Albert

Lilia And Albert (Awakened Mode)

Maestro(Japanese Only)

Playable Stages

Mochinoki Middle School

Mochinoki Park

Mochinoki City Riverbed

Mochinoki Department Store

The Quarry


Hoback Castle

Dr.Riddles Home

Holland Subrbbs

Amazon River


Ancient Pillars

South Pole